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    Finding my way in the Force


    I'm planning to play on republic side when the game launch and I really need your advices to help me figure which class would be the best for me since I won't have time to try them all deeply within the next week-end.

    I would like to find the class (AC) that is the closest to Frost Death Knight because it's the class I liked the most in WoW.

    I'm not the PVP kind of player. I like to do some BGs but I'm more a PVE player. So, I would like a class that do well in single. I like to play with others in dungeons and raids but I also like to solo some stuff, old contents, etc.

    I'm not really a main tank, but I like to take the lead and tank some of the 5 men (4 men in ToR) dungeons. So, maybe Jedi Guardian with a Vigilance spec would be nice since they'll probably allow us to respec within our advanced class.

    I don't like the complexity and cooldowns of the fury warriors, so I'm not sure if Jedi Sentinel is the way to go.

    I didn't try the Shadow AC yet, but if it's like a Rogue I want no part in it. That's just not my style. If Shadow have a DPS tree with melee + range abilities that can be used without cloak, it may be nice.

    That makes only Jedi Sage left, but it's more a caster than a melee DPS... but since I raid most of the time with Mage it may be ok, but I would prefer an half melee, half range class.

    What do you guys think ?

    Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope

    Thanks for your answers.

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    I think your looking at this game and its classes as being close to WOW, while some of the features in it are similiar to WOW, thats about it.
    The class system isnt really that close to the classes in WOW. There is no "death knight" type class that i can think of.

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    the only thing close is jedi sentinel I guess, since its about dps and dual wielding. The specs are basically - bursty damage, dot damage or force power damage. That is very basic description but you get the idea.

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    BH powertech,firebug. Close range fighter with heavy armor using a mix of dots and heavy nukes.
    Seems closes to a dk in my eyes.

    Trooper equivalent for republic.

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    All force users are Death Knights (weapon + magic), all gun users are Hunters. The specific classes in SWTOR and their sub classes grant these two roles additional abilities.

    For example, the Bounty Hunter in Powertech is a Hunter/Prot Paladin, or perhaps Hunter/Warlock
    Sith Inquisitor is a DK, sub spec Assassin is a DK/Enhancement Shaman, sub spec Sorcerer is a DK/Warlock with some druid healing abilities.

    Yes, this isn't a 100% match and someone may have a coronary after reading this, but it's the best parallel I can make.

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    For the record, I'm in the same boat as you, but I'm leaning towards non-force users. I ran a single flashpoint with full-force users and it was difficult. Non-force users are required to succeed later in the game.
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    I guess I'll try Shadow-Infiltration and Guardian-Vigilance on the next week-end, but I'll probably won't have time to level them beyond lvl 15.

    Ultimately I will try out every class of the game, but I really whish I will choose the right one has my main at the beginning.

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    SI:Assassin JC:Shadow feel very WoW roguish too me. People compare it to a DK but the DK borrowed from the combat rogue which is why a lot of rogues in WoW made a smooth transition to DKs when they came out in WoW. If a mut rogue and an enchanc shaman had a baby and a DK was the grandfather, you would get a SI:Assassin/JC:Shadow or a Nightblade in Rift.

    OP you want to roll a Bounty Hunter unless you are bent on being melee.

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