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    Rag Attempts tonight

    Hey all, I just recently started raiding again (1 month of raiding Firelands 10 man). And all the nights we haven't been able to down Rag. We've put in solid attempts, got to phase 3 quite a few times but wipe with a couple of 11% and 12%. Our DPS has been ranging between 20k to 12k. Our three heals have been putting in a about 12k+ HPS. Some people get caught in the waves, about 6 times a fight but we always seem to be able to dispel/heal through it.

    My questions are. Is the DPS doing enough? Are the heals enough? What are some ways of min/maxing my heals (always use food buff and flask)? And the same with DPS, what's some ways we can squeeze every bit of DPS?

    I logged out in my PVP gear/spec but my talents and glyphs are available at:

    Thanks all for your input.

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    To keep it simple I would say that with your guild wiping at 11% in P3 I would say it's mainly a dps and awareness issue get people to stop failing on little mechanics like waves and boulders then healing will be easier and dps should be able to stay alive long enough to kill him.

    To get a more complex answer it would help to have a log of the fight on world of logs or another log site and your actual PvE gear, your talents and glyphs have very little to do with wiping at 11%.

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    hit by lava wave 6 times per fight ? thats insanely bad. sounds like healing isn't a problem, but if some people do 12k dps then thats the thing you need to change

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edea View Post
    hit by lava wave 6 times per fight ? thats insanely bad. sounds like healing isn't a problem, but if some people do 12k dps then thats the thing you need to change
    Getting hit by the lava waves in normal isn't such a biggie, it's a bigger dps loss for me to run into posish to avoid it than simply take it and instantly dispel it from myself (shadow priest) and I would imagine that it's even less of a fuzz now since the nerf to normals and HCs.

    The dps seems realy low though. Even though it's a fight of movement and downtime, phase transitions etcetc you should realy have people up around 25k with your bottom at 17-20 if you all are playing in firelands gear.
    If you are having trubble in p3 I would sugest the HC rag tactic, devide the raid in two groups on each side of the platform and spam the orbs between eachothers.

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    I actually would like to know if you guys are handling meteors properly. With that sort of DPS, you'll have several meteors rolling around by the time you get to 11%. Are they accidentally being kited into anyone? This strikes me as a possible issue because you mentioned people lack awareness to avoid the waves. Are they being knocked into anyone? Is anyone hesitating to strike them with a ranged attack?
    Quote Originally Posted by Purpleisbetter View Post
    Power Torrent, Volcano and Theralion proc'ed, dots just refreshed. Everyone dies. Just a tank and a boss with around 200k hp. Everyone in vt yells "omg we failed omg omg" and you "don't worry amigos, my dots are steamrolling!". Boss dies while you'd say "Enjoy your loots" with a lot of purple awesomness spilling thru your voice. Just happend yesterday.

    Seriously, i thought i'd reroll warlock for 4.2, but that was the sign that i'm purple inside and i can't reroll. never.

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    Logged out in my PvE gear now. So you can check my gear and spec.

    It's interesting because we really don't lose anyone during the wave fails (pro healing? .

    When we do hit phase 3 that's when things tend to get hectic and people forget what they're suppose to do and derp. We lose people so fast during this phase and we suddenly get overwhelmed. It would be easy to just chalk up to the fact that it's the lack of DPS, which is apparent, and the lack of awareness (playing with a casual guild)... I was just wondering if there's just some pro tip to help survive the last couple of percent.

    The splitting up into two groups seem like a decent idea and I might have to throw that idea out there. It might keep DPS up a bit longer and help squeeze out the final percents.

    Our raid makeup tends to be pretty crazy too. Three druids, two paladins, two warriors, one mage, one warlock and one priest (me!)...

    I will also start logging the fights starting tonight.

    Thanks for the help so far!

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    Hey Tayter,

    From your armory it looks like everything is in order in regards to gear. Your Shoulders and Gloves could stand to be better optimized with a +40 Int gem in each since you are Disc. Also, I notice your PvE spec is AA/A. Unforunately, Rag's hitbox is much too large for Atonement heals to reach any of your raiders. That doesn't mean you cannot stack Evangelism but you may find it more beneficial to play an SoS/ToT spec on Rag.

    Is phase 3 taking too long? Are you getting too many meteors? One tip would be to knock the meteors into the lava pool so they aren't running all over your raid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eErike View Post
    devide the raid in two groups on each side of the platform and spam the orbs between eachothers.
    This works fairly well, especially for instants like moonfire. Lava Waves sound like the main problem here, if your healing isn't a problem maybe you could 2 heal it, although Lava waves definately need to be sorted, call out when there inc so people can prepare themselves for them, same goes for mechanics like Engulfing flame, call them out when they are like 5-10 seconds away from being casted.

    Tell your dps to stop trying to finish their casts and move out of the way of them, there is plenty of time to avoid Lava waves so there shouldn't be any excuse to why they are getting hit by them.

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