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    Need some laptop advice urgently

    There's a special sale going on on amazon, and in 1hr this will be available in limited quantities at a reduced price: Toshiba Satellite R850-169

    So does anyone have any advice? I want to be able to play WoW (which I definitely could), but also GW2 and TSW when they hit, which may be more demanding.

    To my amateur eye, this looks good (especially if the reduction is substantial) BUT the one big negative is the lack of dedicated memory for the graphics.

    Assuming the price reduction is substantial, would I be able to game relatively comfortably on this? I'm not looking for 100fps in raids, but something that could handle next year's mmos on moderately good settings would be nice.
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    Graphics Adaptor: Intel® HD Graphics 3000, Memory : up to 1,696 MB shared memory from 4 GB system memory installed (with pre-installed 64-bit operating system), Memory type : Shared
    Highlighted bits means it's basically garbage for any kind of gaming use. No graphics card, just integrated video. Will be enough for facebook/watching porn/playing farmville, but not for any real 3D games.
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    As vesseblah said, the GPU is the main issue. That's not to say you *can't* play games on it, you def. can. Is it going to be on the lowest settings? Yes. Here's a good review on it:


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