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    I actually find these changes interesting, and lol at deleting your char cause most of these spells are going to be exclusive to holy, im guessing there will be spells that will be disc versions as these, as mentioned a renew version but with shields involved, ticking shields, that's an interesting concept. im guesing the casting shield is the flash heal version for disc, or heal version, wondering how a binding shield (binding heal disc version) will turn out though, shared mitigation maybe? I'm honestly really intrigued with these changes

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    I honestly believe they will revert the binding heal change. Unless this is part of a change to make both Holy and Disc strong in PVP.
    For Disc, that would mean buffing existing mechanics like shields and such. Assuming you can make Disc strong without BHeal, that's great.
    For Holy, that means Binding Heal is the solution, and the thing that makes the spec good in PVP.
    It all really depends on the execution here.

    The idea of a ticking shield is intriguing me actually. As is a Binding Shield. I can really see this as a prime glyph. Keep those ideas flowing, now is the time
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