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    Will not downloading the beta client affect the date of my invitation?

    Hello and thanks for any help in advance, if there is a topic on this already I apologize.

    I accepted the beta invite Tuesday at around 11am PST from my work computer, and wont be at my PC until Friday morning. My question is by not downloading the client, will this affect the date of my being able to play. Say if I had my buddy download it for me on my PC, will I be eligible for an earlier date, say Friday instead of Saturday, or Sunday. I could not find any information on the subject and I only ask because one of my friends already got his info (Friday morning) and we confirmed at around the same time.

    Thanks again!

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    Everyone who's in for this weekend gets in at the same time, being late or early to have it all set up doesn't affect anything regarding your testing time.

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    The only thing that affects your time is your RSVP; the FCFS system is in effect there. Those who registered early are Friday; those who registered later will come in on Saturday and Sunday.

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    Alright, thanks for the help. I want in as early as possible , and wanted to cover all my bases.

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