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    [H] 4.3 Patch Recruitment Dath'Remar

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    I have had a few questions regaurding why there are so many classes open for a singular 10 man team, and the answer is simply this.

    Right now we have a roster of 11 people on our team and are looking for 2-3 people from one of these classes so that we can have a slightly better rotation on who gets to come in and out, and if someone simply needs the night off, we are still covered to give it to them for studies, family time, work reasons etc. We are not looking to take on one of every class represented here. We are willing to take on just about every spec and class. However, with that being said, we arent going to take on just anyone that applies. We have a set of standards that we are looking at and its simply this:

    1) Spec- are the speced into the right utilites for their role and spec. (AKA do they have a PVP spec they are trying to raid on, that doesnt work with us)
    2) Is their gear up to par, or at least not too far off from the current content. Most likely, if you just hit 80 a week ago and are still rockin 98% ZA/ZG gear... your probably going to be told good luck.
    3) Do they take pride in their character? This means are they a min/maxer with their gems, enchants, glyphs and reforging. We love our min/maxers. Getting every little thing you can out of your character any way you can. If you only have one or two things enchanted, and it doesnt look like you know what your doing with your set up... its another good luck and so long senario.

    Come visit us at: http://zenith.wowstead.com/ and apply today!

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