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    [Music] R.I.P Freddie Mercury :(

    Today 20 years have passed since this great star died

    R.I.P Freddie you will be in our hearts for ever

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    Undoubtably one of the best singers of all time. Loved his work.

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    The best Rock singer. Ever. Just an incomparable, irreplaceable voice. Queen's my favorite band pretty much ever, and his vocals on Bohemian Rhapsody and We Are the Champions still give me chills every time.

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    A truly amazing talent

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    One of the greatest singers in history who will never be forgotten.


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    This thread got me spending 20 minutes on his wiki entry.

    /salute Freddie
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    Been listening to Queen all day. R.I.P. Freddie, we miss you!

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    Don't know who he is but R.I.P!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiing View Post
    Don't know who he is but R.I.P!
    We will rock you? We are the champions? Fat Bottomed Girls? Another One Bites the Dust? Bohemian Rhapsody?

    But yes idd, R.I.P Freddie, Queen are not the same without.

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    I am a huge Queen fan or been so for 14 years, Freddie waa a part of me growing up, I have a marathon of Queen once every year byt listening to every song from every album back to back. always brings back memories


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    Heard this on a dutch tv-show. It's weird without the music, but it just shows that he had the best voice i've ever heard.
    There are better ones but this was the only one i could find.

    My father introduced Queen to me, and ever since i was 9-10, I was hooked. His voice, just pure brilliance, a true artist, a great performer, and overall a fun person.

    The song that'd bring me to tears every time i hear it, and really listen to it, wil be The Show Must Go on.
    That was (i think) the last song he ever sang. He was very sick at the time, and the band doubted if he was strong enough to sing it.
    Freddie's response was: "I'll fucking do it darling"
    They said: He went, and killed it. And it's just a beautiful song. Same goes for These are the days of our lives, and Who wants to live forever.

    And ofcourse all the rock music, die hard rock like Tie your mother down or One Vision. Truly brilliant.

    Ofcourse these are all opinions, but if you hear me, he's just the best freaking artist, performer and singer of all times, OF ALL TIMES!
    Salute him! And may he do whatever he wants to do in his afterlife!
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    Real Life is just an illusion caused by lack of WoW

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    Best performer ever lived without a doubt.
    This man could get an entire audience warmed up without uttering a single word, just showing up on stage.
    Keep his legacy alive and don't ever stop listening to Queen

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    A legend!


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    I feel sad now. I just saw this thread now, and I happen to be listening to Bohemian Rhapsody.

    RIP Freddie. You were amazing.

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