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    I think all the Norn males are um, hairy to begin with but there ya go.

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    I'm pretty shallow so yea no ugly chars for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Armida View Post
    I repeat..they got MAGIC, logic and nature laws does not matter.
    As such, pineapple squabble meridian twenty five rats rats George Washington rats rats rats rats considerate.

    That's the world without logic.

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    Umbra - you are a god.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlamarAtMMOC View Post
    Also, the clipping excuse is just dumb... Fat people really don't have issues with doorways...
    The clipping issue has less to do with terrain and more to do with character animations and armor models. Having to make separate animations and models within the same race to compensate for those sort of customization options would be a rather...dumb amount of work.

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    You'd most likely wouldn't see very many overweight Norn by our real world standards anyway. Norn are lifelong hunters and workmen in the wilderness. Their homesteads are just kinda holdings for that area and so on.

    Artistic license aside, Norn would perhaps be more in line with the physique of strongmen such as Thor Bjornsson or Christian Savoie and the like. Perhaps more rotund in the belly if they weren't active adventures. ;P

    Blacksmiths, loggers, hunters, stone masons, soldiers, etc. These would be common professions/lifelong pursuits I imagine. Based on a few factors: we see how they live in game(s) 2. they live the most barbarically of all the races in very harsh climates. They thrive in harsh climates- probably more body fat/hairy for insulation, lol.

    Even like in the novels Eir leads the artisans of a Norn holding and they are still like 9 ft tall warriors. The frailest among them is like an old man who would still tower over a human. Norn are not humans.

    So basically, I bet we can make thick bodied Norn or chubby humans if we really wanted. Though it's a rational expectation to figure adventures of a given race would be more fit than what we consider overweight in IRL society.

    Fat Charr marching in a Legion hundreds of miles? Rytlock takes Charr and closes the distance on human scouts with a 5 miles head-start in a matter of hours. Over harsh terrain. Then they fight humans and ogres all at once- and win. Can't imagine there are many heavy set Charr able to keep that pace and still count themselves a Legion.

    Holy crap that was a lot of stuff I just typed. Oo
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostrider View Post
    Obese Wars 2?
    Sweet Jesus.

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    You can probably make your character chubby, but not fat. They don't want people with outrageous proportioned characters running around. You can make an ugly, unfit character, you just can't make it "outrageous". ***points to Aion***
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