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    Mana Burn.

    Hi guys,

    I'm basically getting raged at constantly by my twos partner for not being able to mana burn enough, I can't think of anything I am possibly doing wrong here when it comes to mana burning and I am sure its him.

    I also see that other priest combos that we play easily get mana burns off on me, Everytime I go to mana burn though, I am almost always CC'd/silenced/interupted or cant due to needing to heal him/me or they manage to close the LoS.

    I mean I can't see what I'm doing wrong here, I mean I am fearing the combos and trying to get the mana burns in but I only ever seem to get one or two off. So is it me or him thats doing something wrong?

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    If you're getting mana burned, it's because you're not abusing pillars. Unless you can set up huge stun stun/root chains on an enemy healer, their jobs are a) keep their partner alive, b) not get mana burned by you.

    So if you're getting burned, you're getting outplayed. Look for openings to get one off, but don't expect to be able to chain it.

    It's like playing DotA. Top games end with less than ten deaths for the losing side, total. Analysing the threats, and the current pressure, and properly responding... It's something that an outsider can see, just something you have to know intrinsically.
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    I'm fine when It comes to the positioning. I'm hugging as well as I possibly can.

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    OKay, well either you two suck at setups on the other person getting mana burned, or you're bad at avoiding mana burns.

    Know when to use your trinket to pop a CC chain for the multi mana burns, which it sounds like you're not doing since they're "always getting them off."
    And figure out, based upon whoever the fuck your 2's partner is, what the best way to "set up" a mana burn rotation is.

    And whenever someone says "I'm hugging as well as I possibly can, I'm fine when it comes to that." You're obviously not, or you wouldn't be getting mana burned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oGjCo View Post
    I'm fine when It comes to the positioning. I'm hugging as well as I possibly can.
    You are just being outplayed then. A good team will stop you from mana burning, if you are being mana burned tell your team mates and get them to stop it. The best possible time to mana burn is when you know you won't be interrupted or screwed by positioning. A good example is when their healer is stunned and you can get about 2-3 mana burns on him before its over.

    However your team mates should not be worrying about mana burn, win's should not be decided on your team just because you mana burned their healer.
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    2on2 is a lot about class composition… your manaburn can be pretty useless against paladins or resto shamans who know what they're doing.

    Try to set up a combo to control both enemies at the same time. Fear both, burn the healer. Your partner is a druid? Put one in cyclone, root or stun the healer, burn him! Use power infusion on yourself if you see a good opportunity to get 2 or 3 burns off.

    In a 2on2 you can't avoid every manaburn. Stuns, roots, fears etc… there will be situations when you're in LoS and get burned (try to avoid getting feared, if possible). This is when your partner has to help you out. Call out you're getting burned, have him (or her) charge, cyclone, sheep, blind, stun… whatever they can do to interrupt their manaburns and give you time to get back to a save position.

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    I know you are exxagerating the situation a bit, but ask yourself this - what is your partner doing while you have melee on you interrupting you and their healer is burning you - either your partner should be peeling their interrrupters or they should be kicking the enemy healer. Generally speaking though, mana burn is a bit of a joke on you - the best targets to mana burn are priests - against any other healer it costs you more mana to burn them than it costs them (in terms of effective mana, not raw numbers - they have better mana returns than you). The only time you should be using mana burn is for one of two reasons 1) you are leading a fight against an enemy disc priest and want to use mana burn to create additional pressure on them - if you are losing a fight against an enemy disc priest then burning them (which burns both of you) will make you lose quicker - you should anticipate their burns and focus on hiding from them and recovering, 2) you have lots of mana against an enemy healer and want to force them to give up position - if the fight is roughly even mana burn will force them to move/LoS which can give you a temporary advantage - some healers (shamans, paladins) will just heal through your mana burns though and maintain their position - in which case your mana burns are useless.
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    My partner does as well.
    Make sure that your partner is CC'ing the other priest to make their mana burn useless.
    For me personally I usually use PS when close then use your MB. Works over half of the time with the comp I use (warlock/priest).
    Use chain fears too.
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