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    [Horde] 7/7 HM - S Key Gamers @ Saurfang. 10 Man [4 Day Raid Week] Recruiting for DS

    Currently 7/7 Heroic FL + 6/8 Heroic DS

    About S Key Gamers

    S Key gamers is a Hardcore 10-man guild dedicated to progressing through end game raid content. We require motivated, focused and dependable raiders.

    What we require of our members.


    We require our member to consistently show up on time. While we do understand sometimes you have to miss a raid we do require our members to give us notice, usually a few days will suffice or possibly longer for longer leaves from raiding.


    High DPS, knowledge of boss encounters either through research or previous experience, knowledge of the optimal rotation for your class and spec as well as the ability to handle "complex" raid mechanics are all expected from our raiders.


    It is expected that all raiders will come equipped with everything they will need for the raid, obvious examples include an ample supply of buff food, flasks and potions. Furthermore if the raider wishes to use loot upgrades immediately after receiving them they are expected to bring appropriate gems and enchants along, we do not accept people leaving to go to Orgrimmar to buy an enchant.


    This guild is dedicated to pushing our limits in progression, this means we will not fall into the habit of just clearing "farm" bosses for loot, we will be pushing for new progress every week. As such if the idea of wiping a lot does not appeal to you, you need not read any further, as this is not the guild for you.

    Gentleman Rolls:

    As this is a 10 - man focused progression guild we do not institute a complex system like DKP or EPGP since it is unnecessary and only creates extra work. Instead we use a modified /roll system. If an item drops and it is an upgrade for you, you are entitled to roll, however, if the item is a much bigger upgrade for another person you will be expected to give them consideration and perhaps pass on the item.

    Raid Times:

    S Key Gamers is currently raiding the following Days.(Daylight Savings = 8:30pm-12pm server)

    Wednesday 7:30pm - 11:00pm server
    Thursday 7:30pm - 11:00pm server
    Sunday 7:30pm - 11:00pm server
    Monday 7:30pm - 11:00pm server

    Note: Currently raiding on the friday from 7:30pm - 11:00pm Server as we took 3 weeks off for christmas, and am catching up.

    Currently Recruiting:

    - Currently looking for an experienced, skillful Mage whom is competent at playing both Fire and Arcane, legendary is preferred however exception candidates will be considered. -

    Guild Website: http://s-keygamers.wowstead.com/

    If you wish to inquire further head over to Saurfang and /who S Key Gamers , someone should be able to help you out.
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    Recruiting a mage, whisper myself @Defines, @Brynny, @Bbedk, @Ushio for any information, otherwise head over to our website and post an application at

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    Bump for 6/8 Heroic

    Warmaster Blackhorn down, 370 World, 66 US.

    LF A boss mage.
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    Bump D:

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