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    PVP Priests on Youtube

    Hey guys, so I just started to get into arena and me and my mates are going to try to get to a decent rating in this upcoming season. But since I haven't played priest long, and even less of that time in disc. I was wanting to know if there are any good youtube channels or websites which feature useful information about playing disc in arena, mainly 3v3.


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    Warcraftmovies.com <- Lots and lots of PvP movies
    arenajunkies.com <- PvP site, like MmoC but for PvP
    hydramist.tv <- Hydra's website, lat's of tips and tricks
    Skill-capped.com <- Tips 'n' tricks
    Watching everything with Hydra and be amused!

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    What Erik said, if you wanna watch a Disc priest, let it be Hydra :P

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    Cheers for the responses, ill have a look.

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