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    Hey guys,

    need some help from people, who raided on ptr. In FL I am the third healer, who specs shadow for 2-healer-bosses. Our plan is it to clear DS the first or second ID to start with hardmodes. So my question is: Is it better to be DD with second spec heal or to be healer with a DD spec (just because of gearing) How many bosses in normal and in heroic need two/three healers?

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    I haven't seen the new raid, but as a general rule you use three healers on progression fights and then ask one to change to DPS when needed.
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    Interesting question as a Priest in a 10 man guild. Interesting mostly as I imagine you get all the Spirit Cloth gear.

    As the dual player, I would pass on DPS gear to the DPS and take the Spirit gear. Then pick up what they have/ don't need.

    When it comes to weapons, take what you can use for both specs. Use your head when it comes to trinkets, I would pass on the DPS trinkets (you have no idea how many times I passed Necrotic Focus(?) Heroic!).

    OR! if your healing spec is Holy. Just go all out on getting Haste gear. Then you can use it for both specs.
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    You'll obviously want to gear with haste, and reforge to it. As for the specific number of fights with 2 or 3 healers, we can't know in advance. (the tuning on live will most likely change from PTR)

    I'm in the same situation, in current tier was speccing shadow for pretty much every fights (except Beth), even got the legendary. In DS, will get back to healing as discipline (need less spirit, therefore can use more dps pieces). With all tier tokens randomly dropping, it's gonna be a pain to get new set bonuses for both spec.

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