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    Object of the game: Post a screenshot of something in the game, that refers to pandas/Pandaren - somehow.

    1. You lose the game if you post negative or positive comments about MoP or Pandaren or pandas...
    2. You lose the game if your image is of something that has already been featured in a screenshot in a previous post.
    3. You lose the game if your post otherwise doesn't fulfill the above objective.
    4. You win the game if you post an image of a pandaren with a name that somehow references this thread.

    Addendum 1: Old screenshots of removed content DOES count.
    Addendum 2: The screenshot does not have to be your own, but bonus points will be awarded if you can prove that it is.

    I'll start:

    LazyJones: 1 point.
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    If we posted everything that had to do with Pandaren, this thread won't get that large. There are only so many items referencing them sadly.

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    how does that have to do with pandas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heringer91 View Post
    how does that have to do with pandas?
    look at the book cover lol........

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