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    Beta black screen

    So I was all excited for the beta weekend. Tried logging in about 5 mins ago and I was greeted with a black screen, I could hear sound fx from the UI but couldnt see anything. Im running a ATI HD6950 with are the latest drivers afaik(checking now). I was wondering if anyone else has come across this issue? if so how did you fix it?

    ETA: Before you ask my computer is more than capable of playing this and most other games on ultra.

    Edit: It was due to my drivers. If a mod would be so kind to delete this thread.
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    Please do not delete, was very helpfull. I had the same problem and found no answers on the offical website, thanks!

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    Beh, my "play button" is still grey. so i cannot say anything :/
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    Yes I had this and driver's needed updating hopefully it will fix I will know once its installed

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    Have you re-launched the launcher lol? I had the same problem, I didnt want to close the launcher as I may not get logged in again but it worked fine and play button lit up!

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    Also black screen

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    Also having this problem. (Bosanac ako možeš da mi kažeš kako konkretno da rešim problem?)

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    I also have a black screen

    Played the beta for a month earlier this year and had no such problem. Nothing in the forums.

    I also have an ATI HD.


    Theres a post about it on the costumer service section, update drivers.... doh

    Yeah its a driver issue.

    All the European servers are packed, went for the one with the smallest queue time, and im still 1023 in line.
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    Update your drivers guys and it should work.

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    update gfx drivers as above said. or read the stickies on the beta forums

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