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    we needed a thread like this, really badly. =3

    I contribute with moar cuteness!

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    KITTEH!!!!! hand him over so I can hug'll get him back afterwards....after you sign the contract stating I can come over and hug him whenever I please :P
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    she ruined every nice feeling concerning cats... everytime i see a kitty, i have to think of her and cant stop laughing....
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    Aww.. Poor thing I'm glad that he seems happy at least! Caring masters he has.

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    That was so adorable <33333
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    He's so adorable. I just got a new orange and white kitten who is about that old, and it's fun having them in the house. He's kind of a little monster sometimes though, always biting hands and clawing, but other times, he'll be all playful and adorable again.

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    Aww, poor kitty for being blind I'm glad he found a human who wanted to take him in and give him a good life. He's a cutie.
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    Sucks that he is blind :S
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    Watched it again, my reaction: *_*

    I don't think I can hate anything anymore *_*

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    That is so very adorable! But being blind makes Skelington sad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skelington View Post
    That is quite adorable. Being blind makes Skelington sadface. Like so:
    Thats whats the vids for, so you get happyface, like

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    hair dryer video is much dawwwer :3

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    i must say, its rare to find owners that really taking care of the cats! and i cant see any problems in being a blind cat from the birth, they have life too, and it seems to be a good life =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    we needed a thread like this, really badly. =3

    I contribute with moar cuteness!

    I used to scoff at people thinking this shit is cute. Then you showed me this. I...just...I want that kitten.
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    Omg i cried :'( why am i so soft when it comes to kittens. This is so sad and cute! im glad it has good owners.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pateuvasiliu View Post
    > Hope in humanity increased by 1%

    Poor kitty. I'm happy it found a caring family.
    Took the words right out of my mouth.
    I can barely describe how adorable that was.

    @cat video at the top of this page:
    I went aww so much my neck hurt.

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    Oh bless him, so very cute
    He certainly seems happy enough, despite his blindness.
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    not moved me a bit. resistant. although i love songify this "can't hug all the cats"

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