Hey, wasn't sure if this should go into the "fix my dps" sticky, cause its more of a question of "how am i doing?"
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...clone/advanced is my armory, and due to the fact that i am recently back in the game after all my in game buds quit, i hopped into a recruit spamming guild for the perks, so sadly i haven't seen any raiding in a while (caint wait for LFR!).
anyways to the point, given my gear/spec/etc, im pulling an average of 15-17k on bosses in ZA/ZG, and im curious as to if this is unusually low or about spot on? I dont have any WoL parses or anything, but as far as gear etc is concerned, does that seem low? ive read/studied all of Kilee's guide and without any one in game to bounce ideas off of, i figured i'd stop lurking and actually ask.
any feedback would be great! thanks!