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    Merged since you made two threads about the same thing for some reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triggers View Post
    Robin Williams is a Zelda enthusiast. He even recently did a Zelda commercial for Nintendo.
    Maybe Nintendo paid Robin Williams to name his daughter Zelda.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Providence View Post
    Zelda was a name before the game i'm sure.
    Quote Originally Posted by Twotonsteak View Post
    Zelda is a VERY old name, with both Germanic and Yiddish variants. (The Yiddish version means "Luck.") By contrast names like Sylvanas and Elune (and most other references to the WoW universe) are not that old and they don't have any real-world origins.
    It's been said but it bears repeating: He explicitly states that he named her after the game series in the video. So I don't see the point of poking at the fact that it's a real name, since it doesn't really... well, tell us anything we didn't already know. :/

    Anyway, I remember seeing it on here before, but it's pretty cool. I dig the guy for many reasons. :3
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    Quote Originally Posted by inux94 View Post
    Back when I first started playing the game I called Link Zelda instead.
    heh wasn't that the code to start on the second quest strait away? assuming your talking the first game of course.

    Who is John Galt?

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    Didn't know that, I love Robin Williams even more know lol, his smile and his eyes when he laughs AND his daughter's name is Zelda? <3

    Like stated before though, anyone with that name who isn't famous in any way would get bullied till the end of time lol.
    I prefer Zelda over a normal name though.. At least he has a story behind why he named his daughter that way rather than 'well we picked Mary cause it sounds better than Carly'.

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    That's awesome and I would have no problems naming my kid Midna, Tetra, Anju, Aryll, Darmani, or fucking Daphnes "Nohansen".

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    I have a friend who named his little girl Ayla after the cavegirl from Chrono Trigger :3

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    zelda was a name before it

    like how mario was a name before mario

    and luigi

    even bowser

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    I did forget to add one his daughter is hot! Why can't more gamer chicks fall into the pretty category?

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    Zelda is a very old name, was around way before the games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarahjane View Post
    I have a friend who named his little girl Ayla after the cavegirl from Chrono Trigger :3

    that is so awesome!

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    From a personal point of view and knowing that i do like to be original, i would prolly consider the name Elune for my baby girl and even Alleria... Ive seen pretty nasty names after all and those are nothing compared to what ive seen :P

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    Regardless of where it came from, Zelda is an awesome name. If I had a child, they'd have a super sweet name too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Agoonga View Post
    Maybe Nintendo paid Robin Williams to name his daughter Zelda.
    Nope. It's really old news, heard about it forever ago when I was little.

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    i dont see robin in that video, all i see is santa :<
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    I would probably pick a real name thats similar instead, like arthur or sylvia or (heh heh) darius/darion.

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    Some parents named their son, who happend to be born on 11/11/11, Dovakin. After some important dude in Skyrim.

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    I would so call my daughter something like sylvanas or alextraza lol. But it would probaly be a bit cruel to call a kid malcygos lol.

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    I think that's awesome! Didnt know he was a closet nerd lol, and Zelda is a cool name, I know a couple of people called Zelda.

    On one hand I like odd names because we cant go another decade of "James" and "Michaels"..

    I'm naming my first born Leighton Dont really know any with that name, though I know it is common, just not "as common"...

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    I'd name my daughter Mai if i could get away with it. Main protagonist in the 2003 shooter ONI. I'd try for konoko which is her code name but i think that would be no dice.

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