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    Makes sense, as she's trapped in the kitchen
    Originally Posted by Tidycat
    Has anybody ever thought that the people that are leaving isnt because the game is bad? 300,000 people. Can we assume that some of those people have since died (im not too sure how they canceled if they died, but whatever),

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    Zelda is a common name, that is based from the name Griselda.

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    And People, just because a name is found in a book or in a game and is foreign to you, doesn't mean that name is uncommon else where. I share the same name of a famous book character, and that name would be foreign to westerners but relatively common where I come from. Heck, I even met westerners that they think my name is cool as they thought my parents named me after a character of a book.[COLOR="red"]
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    i wish my relationship with my dad was like that.
    i wish my dad was able play video games and not have call me everytime the microwave is blinking and my mom is away

    ot: i would totally name children after video game characters- its fun. better than being the female version of a dead great uncle.....

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    I can Imagine her cosplaying as Link.

    "What is your name?"



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    Quote Originally Posted by Triggers View Post
    Robin Williams is a Zelda enthusiast. He even recently did a Zelda commercial for Nintendo.
    like the commercial in the vid? :P

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    I have always thought Zelda was a beautiful name.
    Remember when I saw Sabrina the teenage witch when I was little, and one of her aunts was called Zelda. Even then I thought Zelda was a nice name, and different. Didn't even think of the Zelda games, even though I was familiar with them.

    Wanted to name my female cat Zelda, but was not allowed by my boyfriend.

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    Very old, he did it years ago before the name Zelda was synonymous with Nintendo, its an old name I think.

    Ah well, could be worse, I am expecting some Hollywood star's child to be called "Master Chief" at some point...

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    It is an actual name, no problem with it. Don't like it personally though.

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    Mario and Luigi are also very common Italian names, and Yoshi is a Japanese name. Peach is... not a real name if I remember, neither is Bowser

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    and zelda was name after mark twains wife, your point?
    Isnt 10% of infinite still infinite?

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    Quote Originally Posted by laevateinn101 View Post
    Off topic: Robin Williams' beard is awesome.

    On topic: I wouldn't do it unless my wife liked video games just as much.
    Pretty sure we just found santa claus...SRLY

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    The actress who played Tangina the elderly exorcist lady in poltergeist is called Zelda Rubinstein.

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    Half the people in this thread probably intend to name their first born after cartoon ponies so no naming your kid after a video game character is not weird at all.

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    lets be honest, we all know that their is some child out there named Arthas

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    Its Robin Williams he can do whatever he wants unless it pisses off Chuck Norris.

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    isnt this old news?
    Quote Originally Posted by Mormolyce View Post
    [The contents of this post can be unlocked in random loot boxes available from your local ISP. We want to provide readers with a feeling of pride and accomplishment when they read it.]

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    you wanna know, don't ya :p
    I have quite old family members whose name were Zelda. And in the middle -east it's a quite common name.
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    *punches ThunderBlunder in the face*

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    Robin williams is fuckin awesome. Even more so after watchin this.

    Williams for Diableard King 2011.

    Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarahjane View Post
    I have a friend who named his little girl Ayla after the cavegirl from Chrono Trigger :3
    I think Ayla from Chrono Trigger refers to Ayla from the Jean Auel Earth's Children books. Awesome books too

    OT: I think it's cool he chose to name his kid after a game character, though when your loaded and a celebrity, you can get away with that stuff.
    The average Joe calling their kid some not so *normal* name, would more than likely end up with a kid that got the crap ripped out of him/her depending on how unusual the name was.

    Pretty sad though that this kinda thing happens. but I wouldn't want to cause my child embarassment or piss taking throughout her/his school year,s School's bad enough to get through for some kids!;/

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