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    Boredom leads to creativity!

    Obliterating the cold which represents our nation. Misinterpretation of the effects of causation. Crying out in the crowd, lost in society, but what is society? Society is who we are as a people across this great land. A land of the people, a land of the free, but what, exactly, does it mean to me? We are all just blades of grass, one of a million, one who won't last. We come along, then we fade away, a part of society every day. There is no distinction, we are all just the same, a part of the whole, a part of the name. Society. We must stand together, stand tall, stand as a people, above it all, to better our nation, before it falls, into true decimation. So we join the cause, to remember the day; the day we stood up and shouted our name. Although we're together, we're not all alone, each individual matters, for without the individual, there would be no people, no society, no nation.

    I typed that out earlier today out of sheer boredom, not sure if it even makes sense or what I was trying to say, but it sounds good IMO.

    Post your comments on it or post your own works of creativeness born out of boredom!
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    Without wanting to sound too mean, that's pretty basic pseudophilosophy.
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    Yea I didn't really mean much when I came up with it, honestly was just bored and it sounded good and I got it to rhyme.
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    you manage to type so much while saying so little, though to some it might be effective at making yourself sound smart. "pseudophilosophy" seems like a good summary of it.

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    Idk about this thread really. But I get bored on Minecraft, and that doesn't make creativity.
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    Ever since I quit WoW, I've written about 3/4ths of a full-length novel.

    Yeeeep. Glad I got that out of my life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LocNess View Post
    Idk about this thread really. But I get bored on Minecraft, and that doesn't make creativity.
    Don't you make some epic structures in minecraft when you get bored? Post some screen shots!
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    Creativity can be inspired by many many things, not just boredom (;

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