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    some ppl say it was ok back d eff was that ok....
    vaguely subliminal messages to little girls that if they wanna get ahead in life all they hadda do is give a little kiss and hug.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by haxs101 View Post
    Back in the 70's there was nothing wrong with this. Times were different sadly.
    Times were diferent my foot !!
    People just didnt talk much about pedophilia, it wasnt very well known but there were perverts then just like there are perverts now

    On a side note
    1st girl is too cute : p
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    i remember seeing this video along time ago and i laugh so hard whenever i see it

    anyone saying it isnt creepy though i dont agree with

    the one mom even says "dirty old man"
    he acts disgusted when the mom kisses him
    he forces it/trys to sneak in kisses

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    what the hell show was that? CREEPY.

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    Erm that's pretty weird

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    Let's not condemn the guy without evidence, although I admit this video certainly doesn't go in his favour...

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    Like others have said, things were different back then... Kissing, even on the lips, was essentially a hand shake (and still is in some countries, I listened to a report on the BBC a few months ago about Germans being uncomfortable around their French counterparts because they greet with kisses).

    For example, all of my father's siblings (all of whom are age 50+) kiss each other on the lips when they greet each other. It is awkward to my cousins and I, but normal to them.

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    I was born in 1993 so grew up in this modern untrustworthy world, so yeah, that was pretty creepy. But not going to judge, I don't know how things were back then.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Howlrunner View Post
    The video isn't creepy as such. Its just our attitudes and perception have changed now.

    Good example is the Werther's original advert (the one with the child and his grandpa, and the grandpa gives him a kiss on the forehead), back then it was viewed as "Ooh that's cute". However, years of Pedogeddon in the media (watch Brass Eye if you don't get it :P) meant that the public perception of anything like this shifted rapidly. Thus, kind old grandpa looks like some kind of massive pervert now. The advert hasn't changed, just our view on it.

    Yeh, its creepy, but it's by now means terrible. He probably thinks he is being nice and sweet to the kids.

    That or he *is* a massive pervert :P
    He is indeed a massive pervert and trying to get kisses and hugs from them even tho they clearly dont want to.
    Thats why he steals a few kisses from them and they even say NO that they dont want to be kissed.

    Its exactly as creepy now that it was then. It was just that people didnt have guts to say anything about it
    because he's a celebrity. Thank god thats changed now. People stand up against celebrities and authorities with these things
    more now than ever. Good change in my opinion.

    If you think that video is okay you are clearly dumb or you're just a pedo yourself trying to justify the actions in the video.

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    wow, the world has changed quite a deal since this was ok on TV
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