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    Post something from your childhood! (megathread?)

    Take a photo of something you still have from your childhood. Can be of 1 thing or many things. I usually sell off / throw my shit out but I found this hidden away, first time it's see the light in 10 years...

    Would this go for much on Ebay? lol

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    Lol I will give u $2.50 for it

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    The only thing i have that i have had for the longest time, is my penis and showing it would make make everyone laugh hysterically.

    All my childhood things disappeared a while back. i still remember my first NES.

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    The thing I tresure most from my child hood is my first copy of Final Fantasy 7, it was the first in the series I played. I was outside one day messing around when I was young and saw a disc upside down on the floor in town with my dad, picked it up and it was disc 1 of Final Fantasy 7 lol, it's like it was ment to be! apart from that it has to be my teddys, I used to have more then my female friends had, really... haha.

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    Wish my parents didn't throw out or donate every thing I stopped using.
    I would probably be showing my Pokemon blue version.
    Here's a generic Google picture anyways.

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