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    Will this be enought to play on high settings?

    So, im planning to build an new pc, but since my budget is not so big, here what i plan on getting:
    CPU: I3 2100
    Ram: 4GB(2x2) 1333Mhz
    Mobo: H67
    GPU: Asus GTX 560
    Case: Reusing my current one
    Heatsink: stock, dont need an aftermarket Heatsink since the i3 cant be OC'd
    HDD: Reusing my current HDD

    Any tweaks to it? Keep in mind that my budget is only around 500EU

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    Can you get a 560 Ti instead ?

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    Yeah i guess, if the 560 Ti is actually alot better than 560

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    About 13% better.
    Looks good in general.

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    Play what on high settings, WoW?

    And if so, that's dependent on what you do, that can play it easily on high if you casually run 5 mans and AFK in Orgrimmar, but if you want to 25 man raid, or maybe even 10 man -- I'd suggest at least an i5.
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    WoW, maybe some Black Ops and Skyrim
    And in WoW all i do is raid(10man guild) and arena.

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    Defiantly high. I play with a 5750 on ultra on WoW in 1920x1080p with 60 fps. Shadows on low and 4xaa. I might dip down into 50's when something major is happening.

    BF3 and Skyrim I play on Med-High on 1920x1080 with 50fps.

    NOTE: 5750 is 1-2 steps down from a 560.

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