Who we are:
<Pixel> is a recently formed guild made up of gamers who have been around since Vanilla and Burning Crusade. Over the years we have been playing together we have formed a close and strong group of raiders. We are mainly from Perth however have member from the east coast of Australian and NZ.
All of us have come from high end raid guilds and are re-rolling for Firelands content and onwards.

Our Goal:
Our goal is simply to focus on 10 man raid progression content, while maintaining our commitments outside of the game and most importantly to enjoy ourselves.

Joining Pixel:
As previously stated we run a close group of members who in most cases have played together in multiple expansions and games. By joining us you are becoming part of this close knit team.

-Raiders are required to have 95% - 100% attendance (We run a small roster to maximise effectiveness)
-Raiders are required to know their class and encounter before the raid begins.
-Raid times: Wed / Thurs 10pm to 1am sever. Sunday 9pm to 12am sever
Recruitment Needs:

1x Resto Druid

*Any exceptional player, regardless of class / gear*

Back Up raiders would be amazing if anyone who maybe cant make full attendance but would like to get in to raid every now and again, Hit us up and i'll see what we can line up

We will also consider all other quality applications, but due to the lack of spots in the 10 man raid, we are hoping to optimise by attaining all the buffs we can.

Casuals and back-up raiders are also welcome if you think that you would like to get involved with us and possibly raid if we are short on any given night. We actively run heroics, and BG as a group having great fun on off nights.

If you think you fit the build and want to join us in our hunt for edragons, or want any more information you can do one of the following:
• Post your expression of interested here and one of our officers will hunt you down in game as soon as possible
• Or /who pixel in game and get in contact with either Garinë or Panaceà (due to alt codes /whoing our names directly could be a struggle)

Finally you can visit our guild website at pixelguild.enjin.com