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    Laptop choice?!

    I want to get a nice Laptop for when I am over someones house, out of town, vacation etc. I just play WoW, MW3 right now would like to run settings atleast on Mid-High settings and still run smooth. These are the two choices I found that I think are decent. What do you guys think?

    Thanks in advance.

    Choice A:

    Choice B:

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    I think you won't be able to play MW3 on medium settings with either of those laptops (although I could be wrong).

    If I were you I'd save another few hundred bucks and get something around the $800~ range.
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    Neither. Get a 2nd gen CPU.

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    First one (Acer) has a slightly faster graphics card and a slightly slower CPU, but both are pretty low end for gaming if you ask me. MW3 might be choppy with 30+ players regardless of settings, high settings would definitely be out of the question. WoW should be smooth on medium settings outside of 25 man raids.
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    Could some1 give me good choices if I had a limit of 800$.

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    If you're willing to throw in an extra 150$ then I'd suggest this:

    I've got the laptop myself, it's very good
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    With an $800 budget, I would recommend this:
    555m is a fairly high end graphics card for laptops, but the only drawback might be the dual core CPU, which should not make a difference in most games though. I would rather have a dual core + high end graphics card than a quad core + a slower graphics card. If you want the latter, then I would recommend this laptop, which fits in perfectly with your budget:
    That second laptop is a really good deal considering that laptops with a similar spec (i7 + 540m) are priced at least $100-200 more.
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