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    When was the first time you were REALLY DRU NK?

    I'm really drunk now

    when was the first time you were drunk?

    for me it was at some part at the boyscouts

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    Grats on bring drunk -1

    OT: Probably 2 year ago.

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    did your scout master give you the beer

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    When I was 15, I think. Never repeated it though. I'm drinking mostly beer nowadays.

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    something about drunk posting on mmo-champ is.... saddening?

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    I don't fancy getting smashed every second weekend, so I only get tipsy to have some fun. Never drunk as I hate hangovers.

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    When I was either 14 or 15 years old.
    I remember trying to flirt with a girl, then I started puking right on my own shoe. Good times.

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    Wow i wish i couldnt really remember, Prob not a story i should share lol

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    when i was like 12 or 13 ohhh the gold ol days

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    Day before my 16th birthday. Went camping .

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    13. Couple buddies of mine and I stole a few pints of mad dog 20/20 and a bottle of boones farm from a circle K gas station. drank it way too fast, ended up vomiting all over my little caesar's crazy bread about an hour later.

    The time i was most drunk had to be when i was in the Marines, and we would get bored on the weekends and have Beer Olympics. We'd choose a beer from slips of paper in a hat, and form teams. I knew i was in trouble when i got drafted to Team Busch Light (i hate light beer). Anyways, 18 beers, a 3 mile run, 2 five minute sessions of boxing, 2 obstacle course runs, and i was ok. It wasnt until the dreaded Dizzy Izzy event came up that i became THAT guy.
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    Sometime around 16. Didnt really drink much, and downed about a third of a bottle of phillips vodka (the big 1.75L one). At least i made it (most of the way) to the bathroom before i threw up.

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    about half a month before my 15th birthday.

    in denmark there is no definitive rule about when you can drink, but my parents said i could drink at 15.

    been reeaally smashed twice. my 15th birthday is 19th of october this year.
    luckily my dear older brother and some good friends were with me the first time to make sure i was ok.
    i guess that was ok since i thought it was a good idea to lean on a chair with a concrete floor while piss drunk,

    second time were with some friends from school, and some of their friends. Was so drunk that i just senselessly pulled down my pants cus this girl asked me to. im not shy when drunk :3
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    16, got so drunk I was puking up the whole night like a fucking idiot. I'm pretty drunk right now, but thanks to the lessons I've learned over the years I can control myself and I'm able to handle it.
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    When I was 8. We were in turkey, and my parents had some strong booze. So I took a shot of it and spent the next 3 hours like a psycho kid.

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    About half way through my senior year. Fun times...

    I was outside in my car smoking with a couple other people, and a couple friends came down looking for me. They said some chick was gonna show us her boobs, so right away I was like BOOOOBS! IM GONNA TOUCH EM! IM GONNA TOUCH EM! I think I was probably pretty loud and obnoxious that night.

    There was like 3-4 parties that week because all the seniors had the week off. At another one that same week all I can remember is throwing up like halfway through the night. I left the door wide open so someone came in and kicked me right in the ass when I was bent over with my head in the toilet. I just kept throwing up and gave everyone watching a thumbs up at the same time lol

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    2 Thanksgivings ago I mistaked my glass of sparkling grape juice for some beer and I drank the whole thing. I was so fucking drunk out of my mind, but havent gotten drunk since.

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    I've had my 1st alcohol when I was about 11 but 1st time i got so drunk i could't remember anything was when i was 15, I invited 2 friends when i went banking and one of my friends bought 6 beers per head rather than 6 beers between 3 guys :<

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    3 Years old, no lie. I saw a half glass of orange juice someone recklessly left on the table that had vodka in it so I drank the entire thing. Of course being that young that's more than enough to get me extremely drunk. From what I heard from my mom I was looking at the wall spinning around and lmao until I passed out. They opted to just let me burn it out of my system since bringing me to the hospital might raise some serious child abuse questions. :O

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