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    got drunk and vomited
    next day got more drunk vomited passed out

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    I wonder what people are using as their qualification for "drunk."

    For me it was the first time I had ever really drank. I was 16 and was working as a cashier/host at a restaurant. Our manager had done a weight loss thing and so one of the waitresses was throwing a party for him. All the managers, waitresses/waiters, and hosts/cashiers were there. I had a shot of Tequila on the way in the door, and a guy gave me a pint of Kessler whiskey. I drank the whiskey straight from the bottle in about an hour. I was black-out drunk for the rest of the night, hardly remembered anything. One of my managers drove my car home and dropped me off. The next day at work I found out I was being very inappropriate to one of the 22 year old hot waitresses that was at the party...

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    I was 17 at my best friend's ring party, which apparently was really popular where I grew up but no where else: you throw them the day you get your high school class ring. My dad gave me a 2 hour lecture about how swimming pools are dangerous (I think he suspected I would be drinking), but my mom was totally clueless. She even came by that afternoon to bring me a camera, and my best friend was holding me up because I was already toasted, and she never suspected until I told her years later.

    Drinking was never really that big a deal to me. I was surprised when I went to college and people would brag about getting drunk. I mean, so what? Noobs....

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    I was 16 and got completely wasted off jose cuervo, and called some girl I liked at like 3 am to tell her I loved her and wanted her to have my babies. Not my proudest moment, but she just laughed the next day when I saw her at school

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