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    [TV] Level Up!

    Anyone else seen this yet? it was for me an hour of fun and references, yes it was childish but with all the
    fun references and stuff going on id say give a try just to have a little squeee moment at
    some of the stuff that happens and is said in there

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    What does this have to do win WoW?

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    Never heard of it

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    This doesn't seem relevant to the subject of World of Warcraft, sorry to say. Unless the show has something with World of Warcraft to do, which I cannot know as I've never seen nor head of it.
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    let me just say its a live action show about 3 people who play an mmo and some how it all comes into the real world and one of the guys shouts leeeeroy jenkins as he flies at monsters

    it has loads of references to WoW in there good enough? thats what its got to do with WoW ok, my god instead of saying i never seen it GO WATCH IT

    try to have a bit of fun in these forums sigh....
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    Still not much a discussion. Should have posted this in the TV forum.

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    well tis in the TV forum now, anyone else seen it yet on here?

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