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    Question for people with Tattoo Sleeves (Not the fake ones)

    Long title, but it gets the idea of this topic out. I was recently given the idea of finishing up my entire left arm with a sleeve after finishing my second tattoo on that arm back in September. I was just curious though, because I've been getting this idea running through my head.

    Has your sleeve given you trouble getting a job? I didn't have any tat's back when I got my first job, although I got it a while later while working at the same place on my shoulder, so they didn't really notice I guess. Will it affect me with my job hunting?

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    not at all, my sleeves are down to my wrist and easily covered by a shirt, or a long sleeved tee under a t-shirt. don't bring it up at interview and you'll be fine.

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    unless you wanna wear long sleeves for the rest of your working life, anything around your elbow/forearms is generally frowned upon in the work place

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    Any job that wouldn't take you because of your body art (If you are qualified and they aren't offensive) shouldn't be worth your time. Though, I suppose that is how society is nowadays :/

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    ^ this. My employer didnt realize I had a sleeve until after I had the job. It wasnt like I had to sneak it by them, they just appreciate the maturity of someone who takes the time to cover it up and doesnt make a big deal about it. Its almost the 2012s man, do what ya want!

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