Hey guys, so here is the story..

It was new years 2000 and i was about... 5 or 6 years old.. and i remember at this party thing my family went to i saw this music video on TV and it blew my mind! Ever since i have been trying to find it and i really cant find it anywhere, maybe you guys can help?

The video was really interesting.. it had this baby at the start and throughout the song the baby grew up and by the time the song was done it grew older and older then into a skeleton.. Sort of like a Time lapse. This is what i can remember seeing that it was 11years ago. But what i could remember is the person was in front of a chalkboard and when the baby grew older it had the age of that person to the left.

I really not sure what it was called or who it was made by.. the person that does come to my head is Moby or Massive attack.. but i cant find them anywhere. But then again my parents listen to them a lot when i was growing up.

So have you guys got any idea what the song could be? I really want to see it again.. i have wanted to for 11years.

Thanks guys for the help.