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    Changes in balance to Holy PVP

    I've noticed over the last 3 days, from the Paladins point of view and as a DPS (attacking a Holy Paladin) that all you need to do to stop a Holy Pala now is have a GOOD DK or Rogue sit on him for the duration of skirmish interrupting as much as you can.

    The Paladin will struggle to gain any significant distance to be able to get a cast off without Holy Radiance completely disabling them from healing the raid / group as all they can do to stay alive is Holy Shock and Word of Glory, With a GOOD Rogue or DK on you, you are almost powerless to do anything to anyone else but keep yourself alive as you simple WILL NOT be able to get a cast off without being interrupted.

    With Holy Radiance gone as it was we now have two instant spells when being focused by melee - Holy shock and Holy radiance - (the second highly dependable on the first) to keep us and others around us alive, this is far far too little and severely reduces our utility and our usefulness, we are now to put it simple : Rogue food

    The fact that this change has happened wouldnt of been so much of an issue if it hadnt of removed both A: An instant heal B: A speed boost / Peel ability

    Holy Paladins (excluding 5min bubble cd) can only peel every 30 seconds (with Divine shield and Hand of freedom) this is less than the duration of a talented Death Grip from a DK, not sufficient to give us any space to be able to cast a significant healing spell on yourself or the group, its almost impossible now to LoS a DK or a Rogue LET ALONE GET AWAY, this change has caused some severe balancing issues and needs to be addressed in one of the following ways BEFORE MOP

    A: Move "Long arm of the law" down on line in the Retri talent tree so we have the ability to make a gap between us and the melee dps to actually allow us to cast

    B: Give Holy Paladins another instant spell that hits more than one target (3 people receive an AOE heal like the Glyph of Holy Light did in wrath)

    C: Give Holy Paladins the ability to Repentance OR An alternative cd with a similar duration to Fear, or better yet, No cooldown like roots or Cyclone from a druid.

    I'm really not looking forward to the new pvp season, RBGS (2K last season) and Arena even less - The only end game I participate in is PVP as Holy Paladin and if this season goes on to be as unbalanced and as unhappy as I think it will be, I will unsub purely because I no longer enjoy the PVE aspect and if PVP is severely damaged for my class then I see little point in playing the game beyond the social aspect, especially with Star Wars just around the corner, what motivation do Blizzard give me to continue to play a character that has severely reduced mobility, surviveability and healing out put?

    NOTE: I dont care about what changes will come in MOP and how it will benefit Paladins more so, that is 6months down the line and doesnt directly effect me in a positive way THIS SEASON - its not yet in the game so its a moot point
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