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    It's just sad that crit/expertise (which is present on 4/5ths of the tier), are utterly wasted stats for assassination. More than likely mastery on said pieces would amount to more than a 50 dps increase. I also refuse to waste 10k gold on a legendary that will be shafted next expansion, I would much rather put it towards my monks riding training (more so because I'm in a loltenman, legendary would probably come out with best-case-being that I use it once before MoP hits).
    cause 10k gold is a lot of gold... ROFL!!!

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    My only is the set bonuses. I don't mind looking like batman or armor stats as I feel I'm a good enough rogue to itemize correctly and not fail. I just wish the set bonuses were more rewarding :\

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    The 4pc bonus might be interesting when they put in the 5.0 talent trees towards the end of cata, perhaps we will even get another halion like raid.
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    are people seriously seeing 10K gold as an obstacle??? holy crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venant View Post
    The 4pc bonus might be interesting when they put in the 5.0 talent trees towards the end of cata, perhaps we will even get another halion like raid.
    we probably will do. blizz seem to have done this in every xpac as a "quick let's put another raid out there quickly so we can survive until next xpac - OMG PANDAZ"
    ..........gtfo for now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylreick View Post
    Loooooving the chest piece. The ONLY piece with mastery, ftl. Looks like mutilate is being ditched totally, and I thought t12 was bad... Time to bring my warrior out as my main.
    its called reforgeing and dud where did you find all that sand to fit in that vag of yours christ you bitch worse than my 4 year old and 10k is nothing i think you just know you wont get the leg daggers so your bitter lol sucks for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylreick View Post
    It is if you don't grind dailies/play the AH. Grinding is a boring pain in the ass, and I never get anything I feel is worth selling on the AH... so yeah. Might not be "hard" in a sense that its easy to make if you don't mind incredibly boring and menial tasks.
    I made over 3k gold every 2 weeks for the last something like 3 months, all I do is log on for raids. What in the world did you do with your valor points?

    10k is nothing. Back in vanilla, I spent comparably more on a single glove enchant (15 agi was something like 400g on my server, and the number of people with 1000g then is probably roughly the same as the number with 100k gold now so...). Also, pretty sure my first landslide in cata cost me something like 4k. I've got over 60k (which granted isn't a lot) and I haven't done menial tasks or grinded dailies for gold since ulduar... made it all from raiding and selling vp/badge items.

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    I can't believe someone is complaining about getting TWO 397 weapons(with set bonus) and proper rogues stats in the first week or two for 10k and a little work. I've been playing all of 4.2 on my rogue and I have yet to get a PVE mainhand, not for lack of trying. If I actually try I can make 10k in a day or two easily. I don't play that much and just watch the AH a few hours a week and I'm sitting on 110k gold after buying 310% flying for all 10 of my characters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bane Falcon View Post
    Huzzah, quick and easy format to start bitching about itemization on the gear!!
    Well, here goes.
    [Insert random bitching about itemization on gear here]
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    when i sold my account a few months back it had 250k on it, and thats nothing really. must be a lot of p00rs about lol

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    Does anyone know which color will be for which iLvl? LFR, Normal, Heroic?

    Edit: found out myself.
    384: Green
    397: Blue
    410: Brown

    I personally like the blue one best.
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    Originally Posted by Vaneras
    Soon™ ;-)

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