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    SMF - heavily procbased?

    Hey there!

    I've read that SMF and TG are closely matched in terms of DPS, and that TG will pull ahead with t12 / 2-handed.

    Now I've done BWD and BoT with my Soul Bladed 355 warrior. I've been doing ~17k on non-gimmick fights.

    Last night I brought my warr to Rag 10N for a spin. We took him down but I landed on a lame ~15k dps. I found the lack of slam procs disturbing. I found myself going through the first 30% of the boss without even one slam proc happening. I'm past the hitcap and at 26 exp, and used BT on queue at every cooldown.

    Is slam supposed to be a rare proc? Will the DMG pan out as it should even when drying out on procs?

    I use CS -> BT -> Slam! -> RB -> HS (60+ rage)

    It just feels like TG would be less of a RNG based spec since RB is basically up all the time compared to slam.

    What's the dealioo~?

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    Well bearing in mind TG gets an advantage as Berserker Rage can be used in tight situations to generate more rage and to give you the ability to RB, whereas SMF does not get an ability to make them pop slam whenever, so in that regard, i'll agree with you, but:

    SMF also attacks faster, more chance of crits, which given the same crit % for TG/SMF in a situation, would mean Enrage had a higher uptime, increasing your overall damage.

    Overall I'll probably say that it is, but you might find that you'll get days where Slam! is up every BT, and others where it's up once in a blue moon. So yea, pretty RNG imo, i'm sticking to TG until I can get 2x Hand of Morchok anyway :P
    oops i resubbed again

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