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    ya TB isnt gona happen on my server lol. theresa 16:1 horde/ally ratio and that shit is like winning the lotto if u get in(doesnt happen often)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheryl5211 View Post
    Another question. Since BH is supposedly dropping new gear, During the "down week" could we run this dungeon and get the new loot before s11 starts?
    No, they hotfixed it. Normally the new BH boss isnt available until the new arena season starts, which is next week (at the earliest).

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    Benny is correct, the boss is not supposed to be available until next week. On some servers she was available anyways and a few people got to down her and pick up some gear, but as I understand it that has been hotfixed and she is no longer available on any servers.
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    I just bought a 378 Ruthless weapon on my alt, without having earned enough honor last season. I had only earned around 6200, I did a few BGs now and apparently they counted for that 7250 requirement - even though it's no longer season 10.

    BTW: Do you I get to keep the CP I farm on this off-week?
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    BTW: Do you I get to keep the CP I farm on this off-week?
    Yes you do.
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    Really appreciated. Just confused right now (in the transition week), we already be able to get 100 conquest points for each BG winning, is that will be counted into the season 11 total conquest earns? And, if the conquest will be turn into honor again when season 11 starts, I mean I already have conquest turned into honor last week so ...

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    Kenshiro, we don't know if the conquest we earn this week will count as conquest earned for S11, but I seriously doubt it. You DO keep the conquest you earn this week though, it will NOT be turned into honor.
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    A: When Season 10 ends the existing ilvl 384 Ruthless gear will become available for honor points for one week. When Season 11 begins a week later new ilvl 390 gear will become available for honor replacing the 384 gear on vendors.

    This may seem a bit confusing, but the purpose of the 384 gear being available during the down week is to provide players with a chance to spend their excess honor over the 4,000 point cap on gear instead of having it convert to gold. If you simply want to farm better gear wait until Season 11 starts.
    My question is, when next season rolls around, will I be able to buy the s11 elite gear (at all) or will it all be deleted and some slightly higher ilvl gear be available (like this past season)? The reason I ask is s11 conquest looks sweet, but I like the cosmetics of the elite gear better. I want to know, should I push this season to get the elite stuff now, or can I be lazy and get the same cosmetics of the elite stuff for honor next season?

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    To date the elite gear has only ever been available during it's respective season at 2200. If it were made available some other way it would defeat the purpose of it, which is just to provide a more esthetically pleasing version of the gear to players that achieve 2200. Also this will likely be the last season of Cataclysm, and season transitions that happen between expansions always happen differently than normal transitions.

    Note to mods: You can probably unsticky this thread at this point, being that the season transition is over and done with now.
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    i have not seen any single word about that in these forums, but conquest points gained through VP exchange are now counted to the total season earned, so it can help those who are not capping every week in BGs/arenas

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    Thanks for the info guys!

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    I'm really looking forward to this one.

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    Awesome info here, came here about to ask when season 13 ends, guess nobody knows ><

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    I'm getting back into PvP and I've got a 13k odd conquest cap to get. Should I get the cap and buy all the gear for conquest or is there a better way for me to do it this late in the season?

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