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    Best Pet for MM?

    Any thoughts? PVP wise of course! Since I'm going MM next patch anyway...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heavytrainz View Post
    Any thoughts? PVP wise of course! Since I'm going MM next patch anyway...
    Most huntards use a spider for that annoying web I think.

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    Sporebat silly.

    What, someone was going to.

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    Anything with a stun or a snare

    Wont need a interrupt pet seeing that MM hunters can only use Silencing shot now

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    You want these
    Moth; interrupt, 4sec spellschool lockout (2sec more than other pets) @ 25y range 1 min cd <- by far the best arena pet in the right hands, useless for shitheads.
    Spider; 5sec web @ 30y range 40sec cd
    Monkey/crane; 4 sec disorient/sleep @ 20y range 2 min cd
    + any pet with tongues and one with aoe demo

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    I think it would be mostly Fox against caster teams and spider against melee.

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    Fox! Own all casters every day!
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    Shale Spider, forever and always.

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    Mostly harmless
    Raptor is not that bad if you do not have a armor pen debuff.
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