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    I would not dislike BE Druids.. would make me re-race my Troll..
    Its funny, I refused to make a cow druid, then the Trolls came out as Druids. I then made a troll, leveled her to 85, and tossed her aside..

    Those toes..
    omg those toes...

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    I say no. Too many blood elves already. Blood elves are the descendants of the night elves that refused the ways of nature and pursued magic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frontenac View Post
    You can see a blood elf druid in Botanica. There has always been use of druidic magic in the Farstriders. But these "druids" are not the same kind of druids that we play. They don't shapeshift. If there ever is true blood elf druids, I doubt they would be loved by the other more urban blood elves and the mages that rule over Silvermoon.

    I agree that the Alliance counterpart would be to make the druid class available to humans. All the other race would make strange druids. Well dwarves wouldn't be so bad, but they already get all the other classes...
    that is NOT a druid, it's compleat bullshit, sorry but Blood elves would never really want to become druids. They still got Fel-blood in them(most of them do actually)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarahstrasza View Post
    id rather a goblin than a belf.. because who wouldnt want a tiny ass cat form?
    What's an ass cat?

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    Can't say I've thought of this combo, and I'm pretty 'meh' about it. I'd rather see the Forsaken get paladins and Gnomes get another healer first.

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    There are plenty of reasons as to why a blood elf might pick up druidism, and blood elf druids have potential story wise.

    Their homeland was ravaged by the Scourge. They say that the Dead Scar can never be healed. Guess what? The Plaguelands are being fixed. What's to stop blood elves from going, "Well, gee! Magic's not helping our home. Let's try what those cows and trolls are doing!"

    They are also dealing with their magic addiction. Even with the Sunwell restored, they are searching for a way to end their dependence. "Golly! Sucking fel energies was a bad idea! Let's look for a more natural means of a cure. Let's try what those cows and trolls are doing!"

    Then there are night elves picking up mages. The blood elves are upset about that. "Oh yeah? Two can play at that game! We can do what you do, and MUCH better!"

    Before anyone says that blood elves don't care at all about nature, they need to play the blood elf starting zone. They mention restoring balance to the wildlife in their starting zone several times. There is one quest where a blood elf grieves for the loss of the treants. Besides, there is a druid trainer in SILVERMOON. If orc mages came about because one got curious and read a spellbook in the Undercity, what's to keep curious blood elves from going to the druid trainer in their own city?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillipisawarlock View Post
    Well then, looks like you won't be playing MoP then. HA
    What this guy said!

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    Contrary to popular belief, blood elves still have a strong affinity with nature, especially the Farstrider rangers. Like the quel'dorei before them, the sin'dorei have druids, but they are not the same as kaldorei or tauren druids; the blood elf variety of druids are closer to traditional "medieval" druids, working to conserve and maintain the natural environment of Quel'Thalas. While most cannot shape-shift, they share some of the same druid spells such as Speak with Plants. However, there is at least one shape-shifting druid (High Botanist Freywinn).
    perhaps a few individuals blood elves could be capable of worship druidism

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    Blood Elf Druids would be completely legit, and any pretense of saying it makes no sense for Blood Elf lore flew away when the Night Elves said "well... arcane magic isn't that big of a deal" and welcomed the Highborne back. Farstriders turning to druidic study would be completely justified; certainly if Freywinn can learn/manipulate it, the Blood Elves that actually have an affection and tie to nature would.

    And, yes, I'd be fine with letting humans go druid too if that made it happen -- because the pre-curse Gilneans having a rudimentary form of druidism validates that, too. If Blizzard didn't want to open that door, do a more careful job developing Worgen lore.

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    I would seriously love to have Blood Elf Druids and even more hero classes.
    That would be Draenei Rogues (Warlocks for Draenei would be stupid, because they swore to defend the good forces from the evil forces of the Burning Legion, Gnome Hunters (Come on they need Snow Leopards as their starter pet and Blizzard needs to make them this class), another Human class or so-Not sure if Shaman or Druid, Night Elf Shaman (The people from the Earthen Ring could've teached them about the elements) or Demon Hunter-In the Future, and finally Tauren Rogue. (With the Grimtotem joining the Horde Tauren can have rogues now and I think it would be awesome to see a story on how these hero classes might work)

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    Undead Paladins. They are possible, and it's been beaten to death by lore proven points and in-game examples. Blizzard already stated that they will introduce classes when it makes sense to (IE: A new found amount of new druid followers from all races!). Just pray Blizzard just takes that back and introduces everyone can be anything.
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    I also recall reading a while ago (Before Cata came out) that Belfs were the only other race that had druids in their lore, which made me think it odd that they chose Trolls to be the new Druid race (although from an aesthetics point of view it makes more sense).

    I don't like blood elves though, I think playing classically beautiful races is pretty boring, rather play a humourous or "ugly" one, even though my Orc is about as handsome as you can get.

    Wouldn't bother me if Belfs did get druids, as even though some people disagree, it does make sense from a lore standpoint. I just don't think it's necessary for them to get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katharine View Post
    Blood Elf Druids being made playable is the only thing that would make me buy MoP.

    No, we have enough druids. But I have always agreed it could happen, look in the Botanica, blood elf druids!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Glol View Post
    What's an ass cat?
    Behold, the ASS CAT!

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    Almost every class I play in wow is a blood elf. I love blood elves. They, and draenie, are the most aesthetically appealing races to me.

    That aside, I don't think they should be druids. It would seem way too strange to me. I just don't think it would be right.

    Though I love belfs, if they ever made druid belfs, I wouldn't reroll to one. I'm actually quite fond of my troll druid. The racial is too good to toss aside for an underpowered one.

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    Add more classes to blood elfs? No people got to try other races too don't play only the favorite race.

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    Blood Elven druids I'd be fine with, but there are some class/race combos that are a big fat no (undead druids and gnome shamans, anybody?)

    Class/race restrictions need to remain at least to some extent simply for flavor reasons (a bit different from lore). A race's playable classes say a lot about its collective personality and attitude - this was particularly strong with the Vanilla combos and faction-unique classes.

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    Draenie warlocks etc would be just as legit as an ass cat, everyone is an individual, or maybe Velen is a dictator.

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    Well an Rotten Bear Tank would be totally awesome, but its not really fitting to Lore

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    Meh i guess i can see this happening maybe in the future, i mean we only have 4 races that can be druids currently so it wouldn't hurt to have another 2. Do you seriously believe that Blood Elves would be the optimal choice? I guess they would make more sense than Orcs, I'm more interested to see what the Alliance counter-druid would be if Belfs were for Horde. I'd probably have to go with humans being the closest possible choice, however i would like gnomes to have more class choices so maybe them. Regardless, i can see something like this definitely happening in the future, but i do like the current model of having "some races can't be some classes".
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