Okay, people have to go see this movie. I am so amazed at how good this movie was. I just got done seeing it with my mom (both big Muppet fans). I grew up watching The Muppet Show and watching Jim Henson's Muppet movies. When Jim died, the Muppets just weren't the same for me. I watched their attempt to bring the Muppets back with Muppets Tonight, and the Muppet versions of Treasure Island and A Christmas Carol, and they were okay, but they just lacked that feeling I always got when watching the previous stuff.

This movie hearkened back to the old days of the Muppets. Watching this movie, it was like I was a kid again. The plot of The Muppets has all of them getting back together and trying to put a show to raise money to save the old Muppet Theatre from being demolished, in a time when it seems that everyone has forgotten about the Muppets, they are a relic of the past. The jokes were great, the music was wonderful. It had multiple cameo appearances, just like the old Muppet movies, but of course with more modern celebrities. My mom and I both cried a little when they sang "Rainbow Connection," and we sang along a bit, too. It amazed me how much of an impact Jim Henson and his creations had on me, and how much I had missed them.

For folks like me and my mom, who watched the Muppets back in their glory days, this was a wonderful movie that brought out everything we ever loved about them. But it was great for the kids, too. When I was in the restroom at the end of the movie, a group of kids came in, laughing and joking about it, and singing the "Mahna Mahna" song, and I couldn't help but smile as a new generation got to enjoy these wonderful creatures.

I would really like if The Muppet Show could be remade with the same heart Jim Henson gave his shows. This movie gave me hope of that, although it probably won't happen. Maybe they could run the old Muppet Show from time to time somewhere. But people of all ages should give this one a go, it is truly a quality production.