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    This trailer is shit. Ulduar was so epic compared to this.. Hell, even Icecrown was neat, FROSTMOURNE HUNGERS was epic, but this ? Super lame. Oh well.

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    so disappointed , guess ill have to wait for 2-3 weeks till ill actualy have something to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabence View Post
    Get off the WoW forums and go play the ToR beta.
    I did this weekend. Blows wow out of the water. But maybe I just need a change of scenery after 7 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redruMPanda View Post
    -.-' no...just no. Rabid SWTOR fan boy posting on a WoW thread makes as much sense as an elephant learning to fly. Me thinks you are intimidated by the knowledge that more ppl will return to WoW for this patch. I look forward to seeing you back in WoW shortly after the 20th of December.

    As for the OP. It's about damn time I was getting so bored I actually started lvling my bank toon.
    SWTOR yes, just yes!

    If you're lvling your bank toon maybe you should try Skyrim or another game. Better yet, maybe you should just turn the game off and go outside... damn addicts...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thuran View Post
    Wow, even the trailer is lazy ><

    Remember when patch trailers went away from simply listing ingame footage and instead decided to include some kind of narrative? You know, the thing they decided to do since VANILLA?!

    The black temple:

    Really, this is the frigging END OF THE EXPANSION and you couldn't even set apart the time to give us at least a voiceover??? Seems like activision isn't even trying to pretend anymore. Then again, if I had made the boss we had hyped all year into just a tank and spank fight doing the same thing for 10 minutes straight, I probably wouldn't want to shout too much about it either....
    exactly. i mean the sunwell trailer made me almost want to cry for what happened to kael'thas. this trailer is total shit for the last patch of an exapansion.

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    There is something new on Characterselect if you don't own cataclysm.http

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    why is everyone surprised that it sucks? all signs point to blizzard half-assing it until the end.

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    The mounts look nice, but I'll be honest, I'm not impressed by the trailers...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoomedDiceThrower View Post
    Couple people been linking this here already , I saw it and want to promote it too.
    This is the same trailer with one slight adjustment made by a fan, probably less than an hour work.

    And yet, I dare say this small thing already made the trailer SO much better. If you didn't like the original one, you might like this version, if you liked the original one you might find to like this version better.

    A very valid argument to point out how few work Blizzard has done with this.

    WoW 4.3 Trailer - Fan Revision
    [EDIT] oops, I'm not allowed to post any links yet, just enter the title into youtube-search! (where are the forum guidelines, when am I allowed to post pictures and links, any answer please?)
    sorry but that fan version is horrible, you have to turn off the volume because the voice over is too much.

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    Maybe I missed it, but I thought the DK starting zone gear would be available for Transmog purposes? I went to Ebon Blade and didn't see it anywhere...

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    Raid Finder is cool...

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