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    What's your drink of choice?

    Just curious about what fellow MMO players drink!

    Personally, Ashton Press, or if that's not available, Strongbow! I'm a cider drinker.

    What's your alcoholic drink of choice on a night out?

    And if you don't 'drink', what's your non alcoholic drink of choice on a night out?

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    High Overlord Voltaj's Avatar
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    a good old JD is always my first choice

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    Quote Originally Posted by HighFiveTRex View Post
    White Russian
    Hi Moss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mongoose19 View Post
    Vodka and Coke
    So basically the only mixer Vodka doesn't mix well with (Coke) and the only liquor Coke doesn't mix well with (Vodka). Classy.

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    The Lightbringer gypsybob's Avatar
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    Nah just kidding, that stuff's rotten.

    If I'm in a pub it'll be Belhaven best, anywhere else it'll be Rum and coke.
    Me not that kind of Orc!

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    carbonated water

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    Mind if I roll need? xskarma's Avatar
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    I never go out anymore, because of being old. If I did I'd probably have a beer. or 2

    When I drink these days it's wine, at home mostly. But even that is not often, I get the urge sometimes, but then I realize I'll probably waste half the bottle by letting it get old in the fridge, and then the urge usually dies. I hate wasting a nice wine.

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    Tuborg, the beer of Danish kings...

    or Somersby - 5.4 % apple/pear or elder flower cider

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    vodka redbull always does it for me

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    I prefer to drink beer

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    Straight up quality tequila shot with a beer on the side... can't beat that.
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    I don't drink often but when I do, I tend to avoid beer. Prefer shots of... anything.
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    The police often question me.. just because they find me interesting.
    My beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man's entire body.
    My blood smells like cologne.
    I am, the most interesting man in the world.

    "I don't always drink beer, but when I do. I prefer, Dos Equis."

    Stay thirsty my friends.

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    Daamn. So many choices..
    White Russian - Crowmoor Cider - Budwar Beer - Irish Coffee. They're all #1 for me.

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    Daniels/Bally on the rocks.

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