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    Has anyone gone back through D1?

    I recently re installed D1 with the goal of beating the game by only playing it one time through with no cheats (dupes obv included). Unfortunately I made some mistakes and got stuck on level 10 and had to create a new game. I was lucky enough to get every quest between the two games aside from Arkaine's Valor which made it pretty smooth sailing.

    I played a warrior and my build was something like

    Dexterity - Enough to reach 100% hit and a little extra
    Strength - Enough for the highest plate / shields
    Vitality - Primary stat dump
    Magic - Enough to get a handful of casts off on ranged enemies. (Trained every book possible using a set of +Magic gear)

    I installed hellfire but was a dissapoint when I realized I couldn't import my D1 character so I uninstalled it right away. If I get really bored I may try again and play a monk all the way through.

    I'd love to play D2 through again but for some reason my graphics card hates it and crashes anytime I attempt to play.

    I was wondering if any of you had also recently played through D1 and what your thoughts and strats were?

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    I always loved mages in Diablo 1, if you were lucky enough to find the book of fireball Other than that, no I didn't go back, but I have fond memories of the game.

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    I believe I primarily played mages back when it was new-ish, I just found warriors to be the easiest class to play 100% legit. Being able to take hits, block, and cast spells is kind of hard to beat. I'd suggest going back and giving it another go, it really doesn't take more than a few sessions to play through and you'll quickly re-learn all of the old tricks like standing in doorways, or luring mobs around corners and using knock back to reduce hits taken. Not to mention shift clicking in place while mobs run into your swings.

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    I recently played it and it was awesome and horrible at the same time. We forget how far games have come since 1996

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    Sorcerers were indeed overpowered guys (you know the beyond naked sorc runs). Also keep in mind the game is closer to rogue than it's sequels. One can respect it for that, but you should also keep it in mind when you play it, and of course avoid things that can PERMANENTLY hurt you, like black death zombies or some negative shrines.

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    I was 13 years old when the first Diablo came out, I remember I had trouble running it on my PC for a few weeks before actually playing it. completed it as a warrior to my best recollection.

    I havent played it recently though, though to be honest this funny thing starts happening to be when I relive things from my past, I get hit by the wall of nostalgia and never want to come back. I just know when I see that opening cinematic I will be awe struck. Last time I replayed the first Diablo was before diablo 2 was released.

    I am so tempted now lol

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    I remember it fondly and love playing the old games, but my older hands can't keep up with the mouse spamming. D2 letting you hold the button down was apparently revolutionary

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    I'd recommend playing as a Rogue. The Warrior is weak without proper gear which can be hard to acquire. You really need a fast weapon to stunlock advocates and witches. Not to mention that without lots of +hit on your gear you won't be able to kill anything.

    The Mage on the other hand, is too easy. I used to play D1 a lot and I can safely say the Rogue is the most balanced class, unless you have great gear.

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    Meh, I always found playing the rogue was too much time spent blindly firing endlessly into darkness, standing toe to toe with the butcher or Leoric was just a lot of pain waiting to happen.

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    I still can't get the game to run properly on my PC. The colors are messed up and all the fixes I googled for on the internet still didn't fix the problem. I might just install in on one of my Old pc's and play singleplayer with hellfire.

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    Try this: and do not freak out, Diablo I uses directdraw as well so it works perfectly (tried it)

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    I'm currently playing D1+Hellfire Expansion as a Monk and Warrior. Monk died alot but Warrior is doin great. Best strat for melee, IMHO, is to stand in a doorway and fight mobs 1 by 1. Some rooms are insane so I just stand a little ways out of the door and own every one of them. I managed to kill the Skeleton King like this. Diablo won't be so easy from what I remember. Will work my way to D2 and D2:LOD soon!
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    Monk shouldn't have any issues since he has pure cleave, at least until later levels. I smashed through the entire game until I got to the hell levels (you don't just charge into a room of 40 witches).

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    haven't gone back to replay it since the month before D2 was released, but I still have vivid memories of my kings axe of haste, and godly plates of the whale, not to mention cheese trapping the butcher in the stair well to kill him so easily

    Man i loved that game
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    No way Will I go back to d1

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    Installed it.

    Played 15 minutes got bored of the limitation, poor graphics and very rigid gameplay.

    Was a good game for which i have a lot of nostalgia but it has not aged well. D2 aged a lot better and the game is still fun to play.

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    Ninja builds stack -light radius, and learn infra vision.

    Now try beat the game :P
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    I played it on the playstation in 96 or 97, it was it ok 2 player but overall I thought it was a bit rubbish, too dark and gloomy and it felt like a Gauntlet ripoff only worse. My brother and his mate used to enjoy it, they used to play for hours. Diablo 3 seems to have much brighter and colourful aspects to balance out the dark, which is one of the reasons I'll be playing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sorceress View Post
    I played it on the playstation in 96 or 97, it was it ok 2 player but overall I thought it was a bit rubbish, too dark and gloomy and it felt like a Gauntlet ripoff only worse. My brother and his mate used to enjoy it, they used to play for hours. Diablo 3 seems to have much brighter and colourful aspects to balance out the dark, which is one of the reasons I'll be playing.
    And not only that! diablo III will also be 15years newer then diablo I, so I find it hard to realize that the game will be alot more smoother.

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    I remember I was scared playing it the first time ;P In the end I played it that much that I only got xp from killing Diablo and some mobs before him.. Good times.
    Don't think I can play it again now though, too used to Diablo 2 to make the switch again I think.

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