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    grammar is not, and will not ever be a indication of intelligence.

    So im browsing the wow forums, and i see a nice post about arcane mages. The op had a concerned question about arcane balance in pvp, it was a good post, she raised some interesting points.

    the first response to her post, was someone belittling her because she used some bad grammar

    the op then replied "im glad we are looking at the important things"

    this person than replied

    with something like
    If you don't have the basic intelligence to use a word properly what makes you think that you should be commenting on complex class mechanics and balance?

    in my honest opinion?

    her statement about grammar is utter bs.

    think about it,

    people who grew up in the inner cities were not taught "proper" grammar, so does that make their points about racism within their community mute?

    the same can be said about slaves in America, no one taught them grammar, but did that make their arguments regarding the complex social institution of slavery mute? NOPE

    grammar is not, and will not ever be a indication of intelligence.

    A lot of people used this mentality to discredit slaves, civil rights leaders, and even women.

    so please, for the good of the community, lets transcends this racist mentality that has plagued our community for hundreds of years.

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    It's "moot" not "mute."

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    I think that essentially intelligence is irrelevant without a method to express it. You could have the smartest person in the world, but if he/she had no way to communicate, then there would be no way to measure intelligence.

    Yes we could run around giving everyone IQ tests, but could you imagine being an employer (or a recruiting officer for a guild) and needing to force someone to go through an entire IQ test for every single applicant? Forget that!

    Instead, many people use proper grammar as the indicator of intelligence. Speaking in pure generalities, people with poor grammar may or may not be smart, but people with good grammar are more frequently smart than idiots.

    This is the world you live in, you will have a tough time in life if you do not know how to communicate properly. If being understood as intelligent is important to you, you might consider putting effort into grammar.

    EDIT: And on a second note, as someone from the deep south, race has little to do with grammar. I know plenty of rednecks with the worst grammar you'd ever see, and yes they're not the most intelligent in the world. At the same time I know black gentlemen that have better grammar than I do, and I generally consider them to be more intelligent than I am.
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    I'm not saying this is what happened here, but if you can't be bothered to express your point clearly and properly, you're obviously not invested in it enough to be commenting.

    However, if it's because they're not a native speaker, then that's ok.

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    Good grammar is in fact an INDICATION of intelligence, but it is just that. An indication. Not proof, guarantee or substitute.

    So, in short, I agree with you OP, but not for the reasons you have
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    It's not about intelligence, it's about the ability to communicate and present your intelligence in a coherent and visually appealing manner. If Einstein had presented his theory of special relativity as "YO PEEPS, HERE DA EZZLE TO DA SECOND MCDONADS FO SHIZZLE", I doubt people would have understood it nor considered him particularly intelligent.
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    It's not racist to complain about spelling or grammar. Your world experience sounds limited.

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    I believe my friend George Orwell said it the best: "If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them."

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    im still trying to figure out how to quote certain points in peoples post, bare with me here : )

    "Instead, many people use proper grammar as the indicator of intelligence. Speaking in pure generalities, people with poor grammar may or may not be smart, but people with good grammar are more frequently smart than idiots."

    i can agree with this

    the beef i have is with people who try to use grammar as a reason for excusing their arguments

    it is literally the same mentality that white racists used to maintain slavery.

    "this slave cant even use grammar, he is clearly not civilized enough to live amongst us as equals, let alone make an intelligent argument."

    correcting someone is fine, but when you go as far as to completely discredit everything they our saying, you are overstepping some social boundaries.

    : )

    just my 2 cents

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    If they don't speak the language normally, fine. Otherwise they look quite silly trying to express something intellectually without doing so in an intelligent manner.

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    People use Grammar as another way to feel superior over others, as always. And on forum boards like these, it is rife with these *superior* wannabes.

    Not having the best grasp of spelling or grammar, doesn't mean that person is stupid.

    So long as I can understand what the person is trying to get across then I don't care.

    I'm forever making typos and grammatical errors, god I am hopeless sometimes on these boards and many other forums, and am definitely not *stupid*

    It happens. No big deal. But well the grammar police like to feel all high and mighty, I guess they have to get their *acceptance* from somewhere, even if it is belittling others:P

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    Thank you for creating this post, ive always had arguments with other players in WoW and when ever i bring up a solid point about what ever where talking about their defence is always'' lol l2s noob''. i guess it just aggrevates me when people can't accept theyre wrong and have to find some way to keep their ego from sinking. Grammar-validity of your argument= no relevance.

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    So wait...the OP's final deduction is that people who make fun of poor spelling and grammar are being racist? Or is the OP suggesting that people on the internet who have bad spelling and grammar are all black?

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    OP, you bring up race in your discussion on grammar... I think this says more about you, than you care to understand.

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    Grammar is a sign of cultural integrity and mutual respect.
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    I still called it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by s_bushido View Post
    It's "moot" not "mute."
    Mute could actually work in that sentence, if hes being poetic or creative.

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    This isn't going anywhere. Grammar policing is bad, mmkay?

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