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    Zuipe, kiefe en prakke

    Hello there!
    As you may or may not know, my language(dutch, Aantwaerps) has loads of awesome, fascinating and strange words
    We have hundreds of synonyms* (<= google translate dunno if correct ;-) ) for words that we use often to avoid sounding the same over and over again!

    Let me give you an example:

    - binge drinking: normal dutch translation = drinkgelag (had to look that one up, it dates from the medieval ages)
    instead we say: zuipen, kappen, hijsen, hatsen, advuus, ...

    - hanging out: rondhangen (sounds soooooooo lame)
    I prefer things like: prakke, hange, chille, schildere, ...

    - smoking weed: smoren (meh...)
    kiefen, sm0oeren (you have to put the emphasis on the '0' ), pafke doen, toetje knallen, Cindy doen(doing cindy; cindy is the name of our bong), ...

    Now its your turn, post all the fun synonimyqnimys* from your language here, you get extra points if there NOT in the dictionary
    Also post your language and the word with translation in english, you can post an explanation as to where those "*" are from. You don't have to tough, because I don't know the heritage from all those words either.

    Now show me your secret words so we can share knowledge and suprise some locals when on holiday!

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    Haha, I'm from Alkmaar myself and I have to say that there's alot of it that I haven't heard before :P
    I see some potential in this thread, kind of curious of the outcome!

    On topic, well this is obviously for others that read this since OP probably knows it all

    - Having sex: normal translation = vrijen
    Ketsen, knallen, palen, ballen, batsen, neuken, ...

    - Throwing up: normal= overgeven
    Barfen, brokken, kotsen, braken, brokje leggen, ...

    I'd love to see some swedish/norwegian stuff in here, got some scandinavian guildies!

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