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    Xbox adapter trade-in value

    Alright so I just upgraded to the new Xbox 360 this black Friday, and I no longer need the adapter since the new consoles have built-in WiFi. So I'm trading in my old console and all the parts and I'm looking at around 150$. My friend needs the adapter and I'm wondering how much they trade in for at Gamestop, seeing as I forgot to ask last time I was there. So pretty much I said I'd give it to him for whatever I could get for trading it in, and that's what I need to know first.

    So, how much do the white wireless network adapters for the 360 trade in for at Gamestop?

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    Not much. Not much at all lol It's actually kind of sad considering they used to cost like $100. I would say $10 tops.

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    1 (800) 883-8895

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    Forget what I said below, I see you are referring to the new adapter, which is almost exactly like the old one. They go for $50 used. So I would expect to get between 10-20 bucks for it. That is in store credit mind you. If they policies are the same as they were when I was there, you get 20% less if you get cash, and any trade in promotions are null and void.

    You will probably get nothing. I was a manager at a Gamestop three years ago. and about 2 months before I left the entire company stopped taking trade ins on everything original Xbox. They wanted to phase it out so stores could have more room for other things. I would assume that after three years, they would have already been well over phasing out those items.
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