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    Quote Originally Posted by Chillin D View Post
    Hm... a one month period of frozen time, you say? I would take the nap of champions.
    You have a whole month to do whatever the hell you wanted with no repercussions and no one stopping you... and you would take a nap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darktitan View Post
    hmm, step 1: steal 10,000 dildos, step 2: go to the gigantic city mall in Minnesota, which incidentally, has about 10'000 people in it, step 3: ??? step 4: videotape the confusion when the month is up!
    That is so so wrong, but oh so hilarious.
    The way balancing for WOW PVP works is allot like American politics.
    1: Be lazy & ignore problems till the yelling is so loud your cant concentrate.
    2: Refuse to do the things you have Said need to be done, then make up reasons why they cannot be done.
    3: Lay the blame for problems on someone else even when it's your fault because you did all of the above.

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    1. Kill every member of the ANC.
    2. Play some golf.
    3. Rob a bank or two. (Not that hard to leave no trace if you've got unlimited time and no camera)
    4. Stock my store room with Petrol, Gas, etc so that I won't have to buy any of that in the near future.
    5. Get all the stuff on my wishlist.
    6. Living off grid is not difficult so I would have a ball!

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    If time had completely stopped then the rules 5 and 6 wouldn't work, but anyway only thing anyone could do is to wait for the time to come back. Don't think the time stop like the way it is in comic books and Heroes, because it's wouldn't be nothing like that, everything would just be completely still, you wouldn't be able to move a thing. Although if timefreeze was like in Heroes, then I guess I would steal lot of money from local stores and banks and other buildings...wearing gloves ofc.:P
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    Work on my cooking and weightlifting.

    I would take some money from some banks, and hide it.

    Go mess with people I don't like, maybe undress them, put some acid tabs in their mouth, and put them in the middle of a police station.

    Find some hookers and pimps, and exchange their clothes. I wonder if I could find a list of paedophiles and go perform some castrations...

    oh I know, read some books and find a forge and learn how to actually blacksmith, or at least start to learn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coolkingler1 View Post
    8. You can do whatever you want, just remember, you will still leave traces (fingerprints etc) when time returns to normal, when you robbed a bank or something....they might find you.
    Still I would steal.

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    Not a single vagina would be safe.

    There, I said it. You can all stop thinking it now.

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    Would proboaly want to drive a car around, then steal alot of yummi chocolate. Seems like a great day.

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    Rape some hot women.
    Steal expensive stuff, (I am Military I know how to not let fingerprints standing around and with time stopped there are no security cameras)

    Do some pranks, Shave somebodies hair, undress people, dress someone has the opposite gender.

    I would get someone from Place A to place D and put them naked in bed with someone from place Z in X person's house. (It would be random Gender/Age)
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    Steal gold reserves and enough nukes I suppose

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    There is a specific list of women who are going to be wondering why they are suddenly sore for no apparent reason.

    Also, rob every mofo'ing bank in the city. No problem getting rid of prints and dna with an entire month on my hands. Hey, I could even find a person I don't like and drag his lifeless body to the bank and put his fingerprints all over the place. Switch around some contracts, make myself a bank account and and deposit a crapload of money on it. Looks like the bank did it. No problem.

    Ah.. I wouldn't have time to be bored.

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    I'd steal my neighbours little dog and put him in a nice orphanage. They have no idea how to take care of a dog and I hear the poor thing whining all the time
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    I'd watch all the movies in the cinema's for free... if I know how to operate those damn things

    And I would do stuff that I may not mention in this thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jellofist View Post
    Inconveniently place rakes in front of everyone so when they come to, they all get rake-face.
    put a party hat on everyone and strategically place synchronized boomboxes everywhere so when they come to it would be one huge party everywhere.
    I like your style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mortezu View Post
    I'd steal my neighbours little dog and put him in a nice orphanage. They have no idea how to take care of a dog and I hear the poor thing whining all the time
    Now im sad Do it anyway

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    Well first of all: Shit my pants.

    Secondly, I don't think that time works that way
    I'm such a logical person that I only see how this "time stop" would never work due to lots of things.

    If time stands still, I can't drink, I can't eat etc.
    But if we go all Harry Potter on this and say "MAGIC!" then yeah it might be pretty funny. I'd do terrible things

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    I would "carefully" steal every single video game system and game i ever wanted, beat the shit out of everyone i ever wanted to beat the shit out of (examples: justin bieber, rap/hip-hop stars), bang every chick i ever wanted to (using a condom of course ) steal a whole bunch of food, then maybe somehow destroy all guns and explosives and the factory they were made in so all humans are forced to use swords and bows again and then probably just go back to playing video games until time resumes.

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