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  • Lawful Good

    21 12.00%
  • Lawful Neutral

    13 7.43%
  • Lawful Evil

    13 7.43%
  • Neutral Good

    32 18.29%
  • True Neutral

    14 8.00%
  • Neutral Evil

    15 8.57%
  • Chaotic Good

    39 22.29%
  • Chaotic Neutral

    17 9.71%
  • Chaotic Evil

    11 6.29%
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    What alignment are you?

    Which alignment do you generally follow in RPGs?

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    Neutral Evil. I'm bad.

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    The Lightbringer Ave07's Avatar
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    Try to stay as neutral as possible, may be good if I had no other choice.
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    Neutral Good.
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    The Unstoppable Force Peggle's Avatar
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    dont really have a preference, usually go for good guy, on skyrim i tried to make my melee char as "good" as possible, but my new mage is just pure evil,
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    Stood in the Fire
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    Apr 2010
    I usually choose the evil race/faction. In WoW I play orcs and forsaken.

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    Lawful Neutral, leaning towards Lawful Good. The Chaotic and Evil sides are just kinda meh.

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    Neutral Good. The well-being of the people (and occasionally my wallet) come before any laws.

    Here for anyone that doesn't know.
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    Lawful good here, im usually a "paladin" type.

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    The Lightbringer Sett's Avatar
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    MogIt probably.
    Neutral Good IRL.

    I RP a Chaotic Good character mostly.
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    Switching between Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral and Neutral Evil depending on my mood, I guess.

    Don't know really, I can swing between beneficial and malicious quite easily. Not Lawful, that's for sure. I have some moral principles of my own, but totally disdain traditions, governments and human-made laws.

    Daaamn, it was about RPGs, not IRL. Then Chaotic good/Chaotic neutral mostly.
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    Elemental Lord Reg's Avatar
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    Normally Chaotic Good.

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    The Lightbringer MortalWombat's Avatar
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    At the start I try to make my guy a good person but then either I get bored or they start to annoy me and I start killing all the good NPCs. Also if they say anything negative about me they're dead. I just tell myself that at least I tried to be good and it's their own fault for turning me into an evil person.

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    Brewmaster Yuuki Asuna's Avatar
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    Neutral good sometimes evil lol

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    Probably either Lawful Evil or Chaotic Neutral.

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    Im a sucker for Lawful Good and Chaotic Evil.

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    almost always Chaotic Good.

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    In actual D&D I usually play Neutral Good or Lawful Good. Though a couple months ago I was playing a Chaotic Neutral demon possessed warlock with a wisdom of 6 that was quite insane. I ended up making a really random speech about zombies trying to steal my room key at an inn, but it was okay because I had a table.

    In video games I don't specifically try to follow the D&D alignments, because of course typical games lack the cosmological forces that truly make alignments work as intended.
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