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    Presentation about WoW. What would you show?

    Okey, so I got a project at school. A 10 minutes presentation about WoW. In my class there is a few people that have played the game, but most of them have not. It has to be a PowerPoint presentation and I am going to use fraps to show them in-game footage.

    My question is: How can I show them WoW in the most beautiful way to an ICT class in high school? What would you want to see if it was your first time seeing the game? Got any suggestions of a place I can take a picture and show them the world? Would you like to see end game pve content(from a druid tank pov)?

    Please help me figure out what to show them in my presentation. Thanks in advance

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    I remember back then when I wasn't playing, I hated it so much I believe you should show them a bit of everything, from a newly started character, quests, pvp and not too much of endgame content (you should include some to give them an idea but don't go into details since they will probably not understand too much ). As for zones, Nagrand, Howling Fjord, some Ulduar... I would enjoy seeing something like this:

    But again, that might be just me

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    look around you, a lot of people call the environments in wow ugly, when in reality their not, i would put together a montage of some of the coolest areas, Wyrmrest, ICC, uldum, etc

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    The Kael fight in its entirety when it was a 25 man raid.

    Tie it into the fact that large guilds require teamwork, cooperation, and management, all skills that apply to real life.

    I'm not sure what class this is for but I'm assuming there has to be something 'educational' about it, unless it is a public speaking course?

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    One word: RwlRwlRwlRwl!

    Quote Originally Posted by Butler Log View Post
    Raiding with nerdscreams when the boss dies.
    Even though that would be epic I probably think that for the sake of your reputation you probably shouldn't do that.
    That's the most stereotypical impression your classmates can get.
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    Character creation
    Raiding with nerdscreams when the boss dies.
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    I did something similar once. I explained the class the basics of the game and the classes, and showed them some of the coolest areas(like Fjord). In the end I played them I Am Murloc song.
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    Thanks again for the good suggestions! I like more or less all of them and keep them coming if you got any other good ideas

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    I would focus on how WoW and MMO's differ from other computer games. Its not just Mario in a different setting, you play with other people from different countries. In my opinion that kind of online community aspect is what makes WoW and MMO's unique and successful. (and why I believe ingame tools which disempower the community, such as random dungeon finder, are inherently bad for the game, but that is just my view.)
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    Naked nelfs and draenei, i keed i keed.

    Id say the places that look the best and can actually look badass if the picture is taken correctly, howling fjord comes to mind, but also the zones on azeroth that have been changed. I also think this picture looks cool

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    The main part of wow is the people, so i would put in some stuff with capital cities (names & chat turned off).

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    whatever u do, dont forget to add this song
    tell them about the best things in wow. fight deathwing and fraps it. just show some of the most awesome enviroments and tell about blizzard

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    Nagrand is probably the best looking place in the can probably get some really awesome shots if you take them there, especially if you include floating islands/skies/waterfalls.

    If I was a noob, I probably wouldn't understand or appreciate group stuff. I think focusing on the visuals is the best idea, unless you're in a class of people who are experienced with MMOs, just not WoW, and would appreciate video of group stuff.
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    I'd show flyovers of Nagrand, Netherstorm, Hyjal, Caverns of Time, Grizzly Hills, Wyrmrest Keep, Icecrown and raid footage of Sunwell Plateau, Ulduar, Firelands and Icecrown Citedal. Starting in Hyjal, then travelling through the Dark Portal into Outland to show the other places. The clips/ images should be both a backdrop and serve as examples while talking about the areas, and overall aesthetic and reasoning for the art style. I'd probably cut in some of the MoP zone previews too; they're up on youtube. I'd probably run over 10 minutes though.

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    I would take them on a character's journey from lvl 1 to 85 just do it 10 minutes. Take them from being an almost naked character with 1 or 2 spells to a fully epic geared player with 2 or 3 bars full of spells. Also take them through all the things you can do questing, professions, dungeons, raids, and pvp. Don't forget to show both the Horde and Alliance.

    As for places cities like Orgrimmar and Stormwind come to mind pretty easily. For zones it's basically take your pick but I would be choosing more for locations in the zones rather then the zones themselves such as Icecrown Citadel or Mount Hyjal. Just fly around in each zone and you will come up with lots of visuals for your presentation. Just make sure there is some connection between what you are saying and what's showing in the presentation.

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    The community.

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    I wouldn't make a presentation about WoW, I would find a serious topic such as quantum physics or explain why CO2-based climate changes is a basically a lie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kATTEKONGEN View Post
    I wouldn't make a presentation about WoW, I would find a serious topic such as quantum physics or explain why CO2-based climate changes is a basically a lie.
    I wouldnt make a reply like this, I would try to be serious like the rest or shut up.

    To everyone else; I really like your suggestions and I think this will be great!

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    Honestly, make something that shows people having fun. I'd make a compilation of PvE/PvP video's that have voice-chat and are screaming (for example: Paragon's world first Ragnaros Heroic, it's a seperate video) and some arena vids, then add in some footage of MLG matches or the live raids. Show people that the game is played by people and that they are getting genuine joy from playing it. I can never help getting shivers watching some kind of awesome compilation from Q3 or a world first kill video in WoW.

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    Kael'thas and Yogg-Saron if you are doing boss fights. Maybe also Heroic Lich King.

    For shots, Nagrand, Ulduar, Netherstorm.

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