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    This is weird.

    Go to google maps. aka
    Paste 47.110579, 9.227568 in the search box.
    Click on the green arrow.
    Click street view.
    Navigate to the sky at left.
    What the hell is this?

    Taken from /x/, enjoy.

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    <Insert Aliens meme picture here>

    In all reality, it could be any number of things, including a smudge on the camera or a blip where the two images meet (you can clearly see that it is right above the seam). But, it appears to be a smudge, I went down the road for a mile and it was in the same place (upper left sky) the whole time, even inside the tunnel.
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    it's still there as you enter the tunnel so prob something on the lens.

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    Looks like a ghost.

    I'm scared now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by solf View Post
    it's still there as you enter the tunnel so prob something on the lens.
    pretty much this.

    In the streetview when it firsts enters the tunnel, you can see a circular discoloration, which I guess means the camera was protected by a clear dome.

    My best guess is that it's part of the equipment above the camera being reflected by the dome.

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    Clearly it's the virgin Mary or whatever it is people see on toast.

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    That actually got me scared. But then I read some of the comments above and I'm more relieved now. I'm way too innocent, sucks : /
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    Insect on the lense. Happens a lot in Switzerland.

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    that's really creepy!
    i took a screenie.

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    looks like a bug or a leaf

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    It is Jesus and Death about to enter a Raid.
    Quote Originally Posted by tideki View Post
    that's really creepy!
    i took a screenie.

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    That's part of our holographic entry system into the Alp-Fortress.

    That..or our new wonderweapon!
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    When a DK blocks, he does so with his face.

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    Looks like some sort of leaf and combined with a picture that had a drop of water or something on it.

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    Its my wang and darth vader
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    looks like the virgin Mary and darth vader

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    Its Jebus flying high in the sky

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    you wanna know, don't ya :p
    street view has a lot of fails tbh, i found many other weird stuff.
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    *punches ThunderBlunder in the face*

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    Btw OP, how did you discover this?

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    The object on the left looks like a bottle of champagne or wine. The pink object on the right looks like a rolled-up napkin. Clearly, someone booked dinner in the sky, but the table magically disappeared leaving only those two objects behind.

    No. Maybe it is a tall, slim man walking to the left, with a long, swish pink cape trailing behind him.

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    I've seen a fair share of strange stuff on S.V. including a section of road in Norway covered in snow (winter time) then click one space up the road and you get the same scene in summer, rolling green hills. Next click up the road and it is winter again. Why would they go back in the summer just to record a single image?

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