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    Elvui toolbar help

    Hey, so recently I've made the switch from ElvUI to a normal self made UI, and with that it means that my Blizzard toolbar is now back, and looking ugly as ever.

    So I really liked the toolbar in ElvUI, the one at the bottom where you could click to open your character panel or your guild panel or your calender etc.

    What addon(s) will I need to install in order to create that effect on a custom made UI? I've heard suggestions that it's Titan Panel, yet the layout looks different to me and ElvUI didn't have as many tooltips and options.

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    The best thing to do is to have a look for Data Broker addons and a bar to stick them on. IThe bars 've used in the past are 'Bazooka' and 'TitanPanel,' with varing brokers for gold, durability%, mail, guild, friends, etc... then just customise the look of it. As much as I've looked, I've not been able to find a bar that'll allow me to make it look like Elv's toolbar, though.

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