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    DBM/Skada problems 5.4.2

    So since yesterday I've been having issues with both skada and DBM, and was wondering if anyone else had been having the same/similar issues.

    For Skada when I open up the DPS/Damage/Healing panes it gives anywhere from 1-3 bars (in both 10 and 25 man raids) with no numbers/names or any other info on them.

    For DBM, when I try to open up the controls with /dbm in raid (while not in combat) nothing happens. Also when i get alerts in combat with DBM in chat there is always a <table 00000xxxxxxxxx> before the combat action/dbm alert. The Xs are random alphanumeric characters.

    Was wondering if anyone else has seen these recently or may know why I am getting them.

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    I did notice that in DBM, with patch 5.4.2, my DBM alerts and timers were working but my /pull command was giving me the "Type '/help' for more commands" or whatever message that pops up and my /dbm command wasn't working, either. Mostly seemed like the DBM text commands were simply no longer working, however other people in my group were capable of doing pull timers no problem. Haven't seen any issues with Skada (but I have been setting up a new computer and not raiding or running content the last few days, so I could just be missing that).

    If it were me, I'd probably just delete the files and reinstall the addons, and see if it fixes anything.

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