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    Not enough specs!

    Hey guys!

    I just got a priest to 85 a couple of weeks ago after deciding to form a RMP arena team with a couple of friends. He was originally meant to be just for PVP purposes but I grew to love the class so much during levelling that I'm really considering making it my main.

    The biggest problem I have is that I can't do everything I want to with just 2 specs.

    I need my Disc PVP spec for arenas, that definitely has to stay.

    I want a spec for healing dungeons and raids, I enjoy disc a lot more than I enjoy holy because I prefer being proactive with my healing.

    I also want a dps spec though, for general questing, dailies, clearing old raids for transmog gear etc etc.

    So to get to the point of this post, can I get some of you guys to take a look at my Disc spec I'm using for PVP and tell me if you think it's PVE viable or if you think I'm gimping myself. I've had a look at the Disc Raiding sticky in this forum and the spec I have isn't far off the tank healing build, I'm pretty much just missing Divine Fury and Darkness.

    I'd really like to have a Shadow spec because I enjoy the playstyle but if I really have to then I guess I could just smite my way through quests and such.

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    I have the same "Not Enough Specs" Problem.

    I have a shadow pve, a disc pvp, a disc pve, and holy pve. Disc and Holy are my required Specs for guild raids, the other two are just for personal enjoyment. At this point I've practically memorized each spec cause im always switching out of one into another every day. You *shouldn't* have any problems using a disc pvp spec in pve. The talents that you've chosen to spec out of aren't ESSENTIALS but more of a quality of life thing. If you spec'd out of Rapture or PW: Barrier I'd see a problem but your not really losing much.However, it won't be the greatest spec possible and so wont function the best way it possibly could.
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