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    If you lock to a boss in LFR does it lock you from loot in normal mode?

    Simple enough of a title with a simple question.

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    No, LFR is a separate lockout.

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    Okay thats what I thought buy guildies were givin me crap for running LFR. Thank you =D

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    i was expecting a fallen lock in the woods joke, i am disappointed
    Isnt 10% of infinite still infinite?

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    i got a question if i kill the 1st boss in LFR and dont win any loot/pass on a item can i do the 1st boss again and still get loot?

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    No, you can do the bosses as many times as your heart desires, but you are only eligible the first time for loot on each boss kill.

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    If you have anymore questions on LFR, check:


    Good luck
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